Dragon Hunting

Dragon Hunting

When was the last time you went out hunting dragons?

Or rode a unicorn through an  enchanted forest? Or flew on the back of a giant swan over the shire and far away? Or kicked up the red sand in your Mars Rover as you dashed across Valles Marineris?

This is stuff of imagination. As children we filled  our heads with  strange vistas, colorful stories and exciting adventures, but it seems we think that imagination isn’t something we should carry through to adulthood. Often we feel that growing up means we  must discard fantasy and live our lives in the ordinary, the everyday. I remember once when I was about fourteen or fifteen crying because soon I would be too old to read science fiction novels. I have no idea where such an idea came from, but it was a traumatic moment for me.

It’s criminal, or rightly should be, to demand that in  transition from childhood to adulthood we are required to abandon one of the most import qualities of our humanity, our ability to imagine, our ability to visualize beyond what is known or understood in sheer scientific teams.

For me it’s why I still embrace Winnie the Pooh, fables and fantasy.

We need our imaginations more in adulthood that we ever needed them in childhood.

From our ability to imagine, comes our ability to visualize how we want to live, how we want our lives to be, how we plan and goal set beyond the limits of day-to-day.

It’s what we use to discover the extraordinary in our daily lives and thus add zest, excitement and adventure that stirs our blood, gives new colors to our world and allows us, each and every one of us, the ability to pass through the barrier of what is into the land of magic and the land where all things are possible.

I will go way out on a limb, and guarantee that your health as an adult depends on it.

And the health of your business too. Imagination is the tool that creates what that business will be, what it will look like, who it will serve and will reflect your personal dreams and goals.

Without imagination you end up repeating what’s all ready been tried, stuck using ready-made splash pages that are one size fits all, stuck without a brand that is unique and personal to you.

Without imagination, you live within the walls of ordinary with no way to pass the barrier into the land of magic where endless possibilities await you. You’ve even been trained to stay within the safe four walls of conformity.

You’ve heard of invisible fences, used to keep dogs, for instance, within a certain area without the need of having to erect a fence. Once the fence is installed the dog gets a special collar the zaps  it when it get to close to the electronic fence. After awhile of doing this once the dog has learned the confines of his world, you can take the collar off and the dog will not venture forth, even though the fence is now gone.

It takes work to break that psychology in the dog, to convince it that it can safely cross the barrier into the wider world.

Imagination is the tool that frees us, lets us stretch and grow.

If you haven’t taken the time to sit down and imagine what your business will look like in a year from now, in five years, or to simply reflect upon all the possibilities that like open to you, to think up instead of down, then you ought to do that as soon as you can. What you are manifesting today, does not have to be what you manifest tomorrow if you dare to imagine, and visualize something grand and huge and awesome.

At the beginning of this post I asked you if you’d been out hunting dragons lately.

In your mind you probably created a picture of a dragon. That’s because most of us have seen at least one, or read a description of one.

If your are a child you know that going out and hunting dragons is a very real possibility.

If you are an adult, you may have seen a dragon but you know they don’t exist and hunting for one would be futile.

Which world would you rather live in….the world where dragons are posible or in a world where you know you  can’t be harmed my dragon fire.

I know which one I choose.

I’m setting up an expeditions, heading out at first light, when the stars still light up the western sky, and fresh breezes blow through my hair and make my eyes water, and that something, excitement, possilibility, stirs in my gut. I’m inviting you along.

All you need to bring is your imagination.




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