The Secret of Finding Inspiration

The Secret of Finding Inspiration

MC900437793As I started my morning I decided to pop on over to Marion Gurowiz’s  Skype room. I hadn’t chatted to Marion for over a week. She’s up to the rafters in a move to a new home. I wanted to drop in, ask after the move, and just to say hi.

During the chat Marion mentioned the whirlwind of events  she found herself in the middle of. She said that part of  team work is that everyone supports each other, and that when she felt down, her daughter would call her it on and ” reminding me of things I’ve told her.” Marian asked me if that sounded familiar.

I had a chuckle and wrote back: ” you mean you just can’t talk it…you have to live it?

For anyone who goes to work to do the work of personal development, and who takes the next step in this ladder of responsibility, talking and teaching about what you learn, you inevitable find some one holding up a mirror for you.

There is a great story that Wayne Dyer relates about his car keys, which he manages to lose one morning, and accuses one of his daughters who had been know to hide his keys before, of hiding them on this occasion as  well. Things get a little heated in the process of finding his keys which he eventually finds where he left them. At which point his daughter makes some remark about, if only his readers could see the great Wayne Dyer now. (I couldn’t quickly put my hands on the story…but if I can find it I will copy it and give you the real story, not from my flawed memory.)

That’s one thread in the story.

As Marian and I were chatting back and forth on Skype, and remembering that you need to live what you teach, despite your human failings, I remembered something I’d talked about on The Learn to Nick Hour, the previous Friday. The topic of that talk: Do You Really Need a Vision Statement. (The link takes you to a replay of the talk.) I talked about reading your vision statement everyday, so you can hold that vision, and always work toward it.

Since the Friday broadcast, I’d been very vigilant in reading my statement, everyday as I sat down at the computer. But today, I hadn’t done that. So my chat with Marion reminded my of a commitment I’d made on air.

I stopped what I was doing, the daily challenge, and read my vision statement to the first person on my address bar, which happened to be Terry Allison, ( Who by some very strange twist of fate is on my list. See lower down. LOL)

In my Learn with Nick Hour, I’ve been sharing parts of what is on that vision statement. So in a flash, I thought, “Rather than read this out to myself each morning I thought it would carry more weight if I actually read it to someone and in turn that would help me keep my commitment.

Now obviously Terry wasn’t there to listen in, but if your mind believes you have an audience that makes your words more real.

That’s the Second Thread.

Then about a week ago Jon Olsen did a great gig on TeLive, pulling a name out of a hat for my brown bag promotion, drawing Gary Schmitt’s name. Gary won 75,000Xp for becoming a member of my list in July.

Since then I’ve been kicking around for a new idea for promoting my list.

And now I have it.

It’s pretty painless, really. Each morning I will randomly select a name from my list ( I am open to some inspiration on how to do this) and I will read my Vision Statement to them…and they will win right away 1,000 xp. You don’t even really have to listen to me, just be on my list, and you could be the lucky random winner. But to sweeten the winnings, all the names I use starting tomorrow but including Terry , until  September 30th will go into draw for 25,000 XP plus an extra 25,000 if you are a member of a CTP team.  Plus the lucky winner will receive a copy of John Maxwell’s book Put Your Dream to the Test: 10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It

And that is thread three.

All I have left to do is create and circulate the splash page.

And all you have to do is make sure you are on my list.

Now what does that have to do with the secret of finding inspiration?

Pay attention to what is going on around you. Stay aware, every moment is redolent with opportunity and ideas, and inspiration.




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