Of Grief, and Failures and Breakthroughs

Of Grief, and Failures and Breakthroughs

Saturday is always a good day to review the past week and to think about success and failures, and what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown closer to realizing your dreams and the process of manifesting your unlimited potential.

That all sounds like pretty heady stuff.

But it’s what excites an entrepreneur and an artist in the new world order springing up all around us.

You do realize that being an entrepreneur makes you an artist?

If not I would recommend this book:The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? by Seth Godin. Seth Godin is a thought leaders in the new emerging economy and someone I highly recommend you find away to connect with. His blog is a great place to start. This is the link to this mornings post and the place where you  can subscribe http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2014/07/weight-thrown-and-the-slippery-slope.html

This week my biggest failure, was my “Learn with Nick Hour.” not particularly because anything specific went wrong but because I still feel a little wooden and uncomfortable. I’ve done a few broadcasts where I  felt very comfortable   so for me it’s a little frustrating to feel this way. The difference is that I’ve never really formalized what I do into a weekly format. That doesn’t mean I quit doing them but rather that I  continue to search to find a rhythm that’s right for me…and to pray that I never actually start to feel comfortable.

Speaking of which, I want to commend someone who this week tackled a very difficult as well as personal subject on the grieving process, called the Grief Model    . I am talking about Marian Gurowicz. Marian has done her Living Wealthy Show for  sometime. This is one of the best spreecasts I’ve ever watched  not just because it resonates  with my own recent experience, but because Marian tackles a difficult subject and relates it to her own experience. I urge you to take the hour this weekend and go watch it…you will be richer for the experience.

Breakthroughs: Or Doing the Work Does Pays Off

One of my ongoing topics is daily practice. I would define daily practice as those things you do to cultivate your own personal growth and development each an every day. It’s easier to focus outward on what others, especially family and friends, could do to change to make you happy, but the real work, and the way the world slowly becomes a better place, is for you to do the difficult work on you. This can get frustrating because sometimes the change you want to see in yourself is very slow coming and things don’t seem to change for you for months on end. You get to wondering whether all that meditation is doing anything, if getting up so early everyday to fit in your daily practice is really worth it, if it wouldn’t be better just to sit and stare at the TV screen with out the necessity to think, or ponder, or ruminate.

And just when you think nothing is going to happen you have a discovery.

This week has been a series of amazing breakthroughs for me. This story is not meant as a boast  but to  instruct, to offer up proof that doing the work, yields unexpected dividends that make all those hours of introspection seem like a very small price to pay for epiphanies that come flooding your way.

I’ve never been good with money. It’s not that I haven’t had money, or that I didn’t earn good money, I just have not been very good at managing money. My running joke for much of my adult life is that I was very good at managing debt. About two years ago I came within a breath of having to declare bankruptcy. As some one who has studied , talk about and grappled to understand abundance I found it very frustrating that I couldn’t seem to find the mental barriers within me that caused we to push money away from me, even when I had it.

It’s not to say change hasn’t occurred, a lot of change has.

One of the most terrifying things for me for most of my life was the fear of bankruptcy…and having that fear pushed me to do all kinds of gymnastics to avoid that fate. But when I finally came face to face with it, and actually sat talking to the lawyer that would oversee my bankruptcy , my fears about all the horrible things that would happen, vanished in the face of reality.

This week in an early morning dream, I finally understood what was holding me back financially. In my dream I struggled with a wallet full of money, over flowing, I couldn’t get all the money to stay in the wallet, it kept spilling out. I could clearly see all the $50 dollars bills and all the $20 dollar bills just slipping out of the wallet as I madly tried to cram them all back in. While this was all going on a voice inside me kept saying…”I’ve missed something, this is a mistake, I should have all this money, I must have forgotten to pay a bill, I must have screwed something up, it’s a mistake, I should have all this money.”  And that is my hidden money blueprint right there. I’m not sure where that comes from , or how long it’s been there. (Way back into  childhood.) But having lots of money to me, was a mistake. It meant I’d done something wrong, and so I started to get rid of it, because it really wasn’t mine.


Now when I receive money I have a little patter that I say to combat my internal blueprint….I earned and deserve this money, it is not a mistake, it is yours to keep and invest. You don’t need to get rid of it.

But that’s not the only breakthrough to happen to me this week.

So keep at it…keep working on personal growth and development. There are unimaginable rewards awaiting you.

And if you need help with starting your own daily practice…get back to me.

Team Growth.

I have to say that being a team leader has been one of the most gratifying experiences. There is a thrill that comes with seeing people grow and morph as they find their path within the frame-work of a team. And the process continued this week. If you are not in a team, I recommend you find a team and join up, and then learn to take part and lead within that team. It’s really part of the same thing I’ve been talking about in this blog, it’s really about personal growth…there is a lot of room for that within the team structure as set out by TimTech.

The Genius Code Mindfest

Some of you might be wondering why you have seen me advertising the Genius Code and I have to say I haven’t done a really good job of branding that but that will change as we move into the final week before this program goes live.

Here are some of the bullet points about the program.

  • Get solutions to problems from your super inventive inner mind.
  • Stimulate mighty bursts of creativity to think outside of the box.
  • Outfox your conscious mind that often works to sabotage your efforts.
  • Borrow genius from others to make leaps in your performance.
  • Learn any skill quickly.
  • Have psychic experiences.
  • Beat others to the finish line with your new “genius-level thinking.”

Some of that might sound a little “out there” but I have to say from the preview I was working on last night…this is a mind-blowing course. And I mean it. One little exercise I did last night meant to illustrate the difference between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind rocked my understanding of reality…and just how much potential that exists inside each of us. Signing up gets you  6 days of free access to the audio course. Of course that’s the hook to get you into purchasing the course, and I do make a commission on each sale, just so you know that, but honestly…sign up and listen to the free audio just as part of that process of personal growth and expansion.

Get Your Free Pass Now

How did your week go? What where your failures and breakthroughs?

I’d like to hear about yours. I’d love to read your comments and learn about your failure and breakthroughs too.


Nick Grimshawe.









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