10 Powerful Questions Successful Internet Marketers Ask Before Planning Their Next Year


One of the foundational documents I ask people I work with, to write, is their “Ideal Scene.” What does living their greatest life look like? Specifically I ask them to write out in present tense, a day in the life they would love to live, using all the senses to describe every blissful moment from waking in the morning to going back to sleep that evening.

That document serves many purposes, including, defining your bigger than life dream, your purpose, mission and vision statements. But also to use as a way to gauge your progress in pursuit of your dream.

You can get a my instructions for writing your ideal scene Here

Which brings us to the power of reflective questions to help understand our progress, to pinpoint possibilities, and to create a plan for future actions.

In gathering these questions I’ve used various  sources from many successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders: John C Maxwell, Robin Sharma, Darren Hardy, Brian Johnson, Brendon Burchard, and a whole plethora of people who have so wonderfully enriched my life.

This is not meant to be an exercise to complete in one sitting, but to sit with, to think with, and to discover what part of your impossible dream you can concretize into reality in the coming year.

1 What was my greatest success in business this year?

2. What lessons did I learn from that success?

3. What was my biggest failure in business this year?

4 What did I learn from that failure?

5 What obstacle or challenge did I grapple with this year, that if I solved it my business would expand dramatically?

6 What influenced my personal and business growth most this year?

7 On a scale of one to ten how would you rate your success this year. Ten being the highest possible ranking?

8 Why did you rate yourself so high?

9 What action could you take to raise that rating by one full point?

10 What five things are you most grateful for in your business this year.?

To make this exercise easier for you to take action on I created a PDF worksheet for you to use and keep available for easy reference as the process of creating your plan for the New Year. I am also planning two other articles around building your success plan for the next year, which will also include worksheets.

You can grab your copy here.
Ten Questions Pdf Report


Remember to Dream Big, Live Inspired


Nick Grimshawe.

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