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A Gentle Snow is Falling: Thoughts About The Changing of the Year

A Gentle Snow is Falling: Thoughts About The Changing of the Year

This morning, on the last day of this year, a gentle snow is falling, blurring the islands across the ice-covered lake. No wind stirs to break the quiet stillness. And even for this sun lover, there is a deep sense of peace and tranquility and yes, even beauty in the scene.

Nothing out across the wide expanse marks the propitious occasion of the passing of a year. Looking out my window, nothing suggests this is a time for reflection, a time for looking back and for looking forward. The birds at the feeder seem blissfully unaware of the roll of the calendar to a new month and a brand new year.

Yet undetectable as it is to the human eye, we as human beings place a great deal of significance on this day, this artificial divide between one year and the next.

I believe it is part of our genius to create a space between the moments to make something new and fresh again.

While we ponder the past and squint through the veil of time, which much like the falling snow, softens and rounds and mystifies past events, and while we also consider the future which like the frozen lake can shift  from one form into another, more illusionary  than real, we must keep in mind one important thing:

It is the actions we take today that will reshape our past, and mold our future.

It is all about what attitude we choose to adopt, what fears we choose to face and overcome, what vision of that still unformed future we choose to follow. These are the important things.

That choice is yours and yours alone.

May the turning of this day find you at peace with your choices and that you are happy in the action of creating the future of your vision, right here, in this day, right now.



Nick Grimshawe


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