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LinkClump Efficiently Opens Safelist Emails

LinkClump Efficiently Opens Safelist Emails

Installing Linkclump

This week just for fun I am helping you test out a really cool, free Chrome Extension called Linkclump.

The first thing you need to do is go to your Chrome browser and get your Extension See the brief Video below. But remember to return here to continue to test this great extension.



Go to your Chrome Browser and install the extension.


Linkclump works by right clicking your mouse and then dragging the cursor over the links. The links then open in your browser.

To test this out I have a couple of places for you to go  give it a try. But please come back and let me know what you thought of Linkclump and this post.


First Test

Log into your  Click Track Profit account (dashboard)  where you will see the list of daily promotions: Sub Game and the Vault and Key Games. Right click your mouse and drag the cursor across that section of the page to grab the links. And watch them all open like magic.

If you are not a member of Click Track Profit, you can join Here

Wasn’t that cool? Linkclump works link this crane picking up a lot of things at once.

The ramifications of this extension.

Suppose you have groups of TE’s you surf on certain days. You could create any number of files this way and keep them all under one folder. Then you just have to open up the one you want, run Linkclump over the urls and BAM! you’re ready to go!


Second Test

Check out the page I created for your to try this on. Click the Link below. 

I created a sample page for you to try this on.


This works best on Google Drive because the document opens right in your browser. It is simple to set up.

If you are using Gmail you have Google Drive.

Here’s where to find Google Drive from your Gmail account.

Log into your Gmail account. Click the square on the far right. See screen shot below.

header use in Google Gmail.

When you click, a drop down menu opens up with lots of options.  Click the Google Drive Icon.

Test Three

Find somewhere you can use Linkclump in your own business and try it out.


I want to hear from you. How much fun was that? Did you like Linkclump? Did you like the way I set this up for you? You feedback helps me create content that helps you.


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