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The Secret to Improved Safelist Results

The Secret to Improved Safelist Results

Take Aways From the Video:

  1. It’s not just about going and sending emails from the safelists, you need to have a system.
  2. Consistency is the secret.
  3. Quantity, quality, viability. I explain what that means on the video.
  4. Ask yourself what worked for you this week and do more of it.

Go here to check out my most productive safelist this week >>>>>>> My Top Ten Safelists

I mentioned the Gary Vaynerchuk  article.

The article is about branding which I’ve chatted to you about for a couple of weeks.

He makes excellent points.

Click the head line below. 




What was your most productive safelist this week?


Dream Big, Live Inspired.

Nick Grimshawe




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