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Three Tips on Moving Your Business Forward

Three Tips on Moving Your Business Forward

I love my GPS. I set a destination and follow Carmen’s (that’s her name) directions to get there. But GPS’s have blind spots. Occasionally they can’t find the place you are looking for. There is a blind spot like that in the countryside just north of London Ontario.

It’s not just my GPS that has this problem.

Recently I went to a retreat to this location along with 5 other people. Everyone who used their GPS either couldn’t plug-in the destination or they were taken to the wrong place. This includes the GPS on my smart phone as well.

Yet we all arrived at our destination eventually.

Where my Carmen wanted to take me was at the wrong end of the road. Other people had the same problem. There is a data glitch. My smart phone GPS follows the correct route but diverts into a small subdivision just before the actual destination.

I knew I was close so it was a matter of applying a little logic which got me to the address with only a few minutes delay.

Why? I had a very clear destination in mind. I knew the address, I knew the street name I needed.

If we know our destination we find a way to get there.

A detour for road work might divert you, but you follow the directions to arrive back on course.

Your GPS might lead you astray but you have other tools you can use to find your way.

In business we need a clearly defined destination to advance toward our vision.

Once we know our destination, no matter what route we take we get there.

The route to our destination are the goals we set and the daily actions we take.

Our ultimate destination is our dream or our vision of which our current destination is just one step.

The benefit of building your vision and then working you vision by setting goals and daily targets means a streamline process with none of the complexity of older models of dream builder.

Recently I recorded three short videos talking about various aspects of working this way.

In the first video I talk about why you need that vision or big, hairy, humongous goal.



In the second one I talk about the order of work.

In the last video I talk about two important words to include in your daily targets.

I’ve said over and over that you can’t set goals in a vacuum. You need that big dream.

Your big dream acts like your GPS keeping you heading in the right destination. Your goals represent the mileposts along the way.

Resources for this post.

Writing Your Ideal Scene

Core Value Assessment

Both of these will help you with creating that big vision or dream.

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