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Three Key Elements For Successful List Building

Three Key Elements For Successful List Building

Have you ever been exasperated with your efforts to build your list?

I know I have: more than exasperated, frustrated, annoyed and angry at myself because I just couldn’t seem to make it work for me.

I jumped all over the map, trying one thing then another, making head way here, then messing up and having to start again.

Perhaps you felt this way about list building:

“List building is like flossing… you know it’s good for you, but you don’t always feel like doing it.”

Source: Nathalie Lussier


I thought of list building as a single thing you did, to get subscribers to your list.

It’s like thinking all you need to make a car run is gas.

Yes gas is important but you also need a combustion engine to burn the gas and a delivery system to get the gas from the tank to the engine.

It’s like arriving at the senior prom with out remembering to bring a date. Embarrassing.

When I finally figured out that there are three essential elements for successful list building things began to fall into place for me.

As I explained in my last post: Are You Making This Critical List Building Mistake? since most of us start our journey on-line with affiliate marketing, we think of getting names to the affiliate program we promote is list building.

I bet you thought that right?

Don’t you think also that the distinction between downline building and list building isn’t made really clear to new marketers.

The difference is ownership. You own your list. It’s your property.

I came to the conclusion that building my email list was my number one strategic priority.Nothing was more important if I was going to replace my income and fulfill my new calling. Michael Hyatt

So what are the three elements of building a successful list.

If you are like me, the first one will surprise you. It’s not the one you’ve been told over  and over again to do which is create a landing page, to collect names and email addresses into an autoresponder: the aspect of list building I call ‘the technical element.

The First Element is Content Creation

Does that strike fear in your heart?

Many people find this the most intimidating part of list building and a big reason many people never get started.

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

“Why would people listen to anything I say?”

“I don’t have anything to say.”

“I don’t have enough experience of knowledge.”

“I’m not a guru.’

Now to make matters worse, I’m suggesting that’s your first job in building a list: content creation.

In future posts I will spend time on each of these elements.

It’s not possible for me to overcome your fear, only you can do that , but I want you to know that many people have lived in your shoes and found ways to achieve success anyway.

You can too.

So why content first?

It’s simple.

Building a list is about creating an exchange. For someone’s name and email address you offer something in exchange that your potential subscriber will find valuable.

Seth Godin put it this way:

“Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.” Source: Seth Godin

So to go along with that sign up form you need to offer a piece of content, generally referred to as a “lead magnet”.

Example of a Lead Magnet

Once you capture that subscriber you need to continue to add value.

Don’t take my word for this, do your own research, Google “list building strategies, or better yet go to YouTube and sample some of the videos there.

At Get Response (my autoresponder of choice), they offer a 180 day list building course and one of the first things you do is write a lead magnet.

Next week I will offer you some tips and tricks for writing or finding a lead magnet that will work with your niche market.

For now, lets move onto the other two elements since the purpose of this post is to give you an overview of list building and the three main elements involved.

The Second Element is The Mechanics of List Building.

These are the tools most people associate with List Building

An Autoresponder.

A Tracking Service

A Landing Page Service (If one isn’t included in your autoresponder service, or if you want more flexibility in design.)

For advance use you might also need:

A Shopping Cart Service

An Affiliate Service

The challenge with the mechanical elements is learning how to use the program to maximum benefit.  A little bit of patience and persistence is all that’s needed to conquer these elements. Most good programs offer excellent video tutorials coupled with responsive chat lines where you get help on anything.

I will review the best programs to use, giving you options depending on your requirements, plus for those of you on very restricted budgets, offer good free options.

The Third Element is Relationship Building.

Relationship building is about learning to apply best email marketing practices, engaging your list to find our what their problems are so you can offer solutions and ultimately sell solutions to your list to generate income for your business.

Trial and error, experimentation and studying the masters are qualities that will help you in this area of list building.

As the quote says when it comes to lists it not the size of the list but the engagement of the list that counts.


I’ve already written an article on writing your introductory email series. Just click the banner below:




Once I understood the order of these elements and how important each element is to over all success, then I could create consistent daily action to accomplish my list building goals.

The most important thing I want you to get from reading this post is that you have all the talent and abilities to use all these elements successfully in your own list building elements.

What element do you think is the most difficult for you?

You can leave a comment below in the comment section.

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