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Why Reading Expert Secrets Will Make You a Better Marketer

Why Reading Expert Secrets Will Make You a Better Marketer

I bet you came to this page because you thought the content would help make you a better marketer.

Is that right?

In the video blog below I talk about some of the reasons you should read this book, Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Finding Your Message, Building a Tribe, and Changing the World, by Russell Brunson. 

Let me know if the Video helped you decide whether to purchase the book

The word I was looking for during the video is a “case study”.

Take Aways:

1. The old way of marketing is create a product , sell it, move on and create another product and sell it. Russell’s says don’t do that. Sell the same program over and over. He explains why in the book.

2. Asking questions to causes your audience to say yes, or nod in agreement over and over.

3. Step by step about creating a funnel.

4. The importance of tweaking.

5. Breakdown false beliefs.

5 Read the book, then start at the beginning and take the steps that Russell sets up for you. It’s invaluable.

If you use the banner below I believe you can still get the book free by paying for shipping.

It you do order it that way watch for the really cool piece of technology Russell uses when you receive the book.



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