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How to Tweak Your Landing Page

How to Tweak Your Landing Page

Last week at the end of my post about creating your own a Landing Page: Read it here,

I talked about easy ways you can tweak and test your squeeze page for your lead magnet.

Most landing page builders have this easy function so you can test various components of your landing page.

Finding the right combination means improved conversions.

Here I focus on how easy it is to make those tweaks.

This gives you the ability to quickly and easily experiment with the various elements to see how people respond to those changes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun.

In the video below I guide you through the process using Landing Page Monkey.


In Adkreator the process is slightly different.
I made this short video to show you the difference.
AdKreator uses a “duplicate function” that is similar to that use at Landing Page Monkey.
Don’t forget to use to see how your changes effect your conversions.
In  your can add a number of pages under the same link. This will then rotate those pages and measure your results.
If you need help with this please let me know at the same email I mention below.
Remember to make only one major change at a time. If you try to do more then you won’t be able to tell which element is making the difference.
Name one change you could make to the page you created?
What is the most difficult part of creating your own pages?

I will critique one of your landing pages for free giving you a list of suggested changes you could do to improve branding and conversions.

Just send an email to with the link to your creation where I can view it. I will reply within 48 hours.


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