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How to Break Job Mindset Habits and Find Success

How to Break Job Mindset Habits and Find Success

Ditching my job mindset is my biggest ongoing struggle in finding success on-line.

If, like me, you moved from a job to becoming an entrepreneur you’re not alone.

David Nilssen says “We’re currently in the midst of a major cultural shift—48 percent of Americans want to be entrepreneurs today.”

Source:  Americans are Quitting Their Jobs And Pursuing Entrepreneurship 

Below is a graph from the same source that illustrates the magnitude of this trend.

Job mindset graph of US Quit Rate and growth in Entrepreneurship

Leaving the job behind is the easy part. Leaving the job mindset behind is a bigger challenge.

Recently I had a big epiphany about a bit of job mindset I still carry around with me.

The best way to share this is to ask you a question.

When does your work day start for you?

Until recently I would have answered something like, when I sit down in front of my computer in the morning usually around 10 AM.

What did you answer?

Like many people you probably gave a specific time. That’s job mindset.

My epiphany was that my business day started when I woke up and ended when I closed my eyes at night.

Another way I could answer that: is my business day today started at 9:30 last night.

Breaking the job-mindset habit of 9-5 linear time.

I use to have a 45 minute commute to work. Work officially started at nine A.M. and went to 4 or 5 in the afternoon except for the day I was on late shift.

I kept my job separate from my life.

I taught my team ways to closed the door on the job when they left work as a way to reduce stress and sleepless nights.

I’m not sure when I made the transition to non linear time in relationship to my work but it’s taken my mind a long time to catch up.

Even after I’d long changed my method of operation, my job mindset kept putting things in nice organized compartments.

To break that habit start looking holistically about your day. Arriving at your “job” was the start point of your work day but as an entrepreneur sitting down at your computer is the culmination of all that went before. 

Entrepreneurship Has No Borders

Over the five years I’ve struggled to build a business online, I’ve read and studied the mindset of successful people I want to emulate. I’ve adopted many of their success mindset habits.

But I never saw those habits as part of my business.

Let me give you an example.

One success habit I developed was to do a nightly assessment of my day. A number of my mentors talk about this habit so I’ve adapted their ideas to suit me.

So at 9:30 most nights I grab my journal and I follow this pattern.

  1. I write in my journal about 3 things I’ve learned today. (Because I need to write about them I am cognizant of noting what I’m learning and making sure that I include learning as part of my day.)
  2. I write out three wins I’ve had during the day. (So even if I’ve had a rough day, I’m still looking for the positives.)
  3. I set out three goals I would like to accomplish the next day. (This helps me organize my projects into short manageable simple steps.

By the time I’ve completed this exercise its ten PM and time for bed.

With this little exercise I’ve set up the direction of my next day.

My next day started at 9:30 the previous evening.

My business life doesn’t start or stop according to the clock.

Here’s a less obvious example.

On my schedule from 8 to 9 A.M. ( I need to adjust this slightly to accurately reflect when this activity gets done.) I go for a 4K (2.48 miles) walk. (One of the reasons I go south for the winter is that the cold weather often prevents me from enjoying  this activity.)

What does that have to do with job mindset? Nothing. But it has everything to do with the entrepreneur’s mind-set.

I find that hour-long walk accomplishes several things related to running my online business and my mental health.

First of all it allows me to think about my day and what I’ve got planned. Today I basically wrote this post in my head as I walked.

I find the gentle exercise gives my mind a chance to wake up so I am much more productive when I get back to my home office.  It also keeps me fit and healthy which also  impacts productivity in a positive way.

Finally it fulfills part of my spiritual mandate to inspire and uplift others with a dazzling smile and a hearty good morning to everyone I see out on my walk. That in turns lifts up my overall sense of well-being and hence enhances productivity.

Regular Exercise Is Part of Your Job

To break the job mind-set start looking at all your habits throughout the day and change or adapt those habits to fully fuel your creativity and productivity.

The constant cycle of learning and growth breaks the job mindset.

“Mastering the art and science of online business is about more than simply running a business. It’s about constantly learning, growing, improving, building relationships, and taking care of yourself. Thankfully,”

Source: Pat Flynn Let Go: Expanded Edition: How to Transform Moments of Panic into a Life of Profits and Purpose

A job has certain skill sets. An auto mechanic studies car engines to learn about all the parts and what can go wrong so they can fix them. An employee at a bank learns the task they will perform over and over again on the job.

The only incentive to learning and growth is to keep up with changes in the industry in which you are employed.

I remember the frustration of working in my corporate job. We were often encouraged to think outside the box. Yet the moment you tried to do that you were told, “well that’s not corporate, you can’t do that.”

That’s the job mindset.

An entrepreneur wears many hats and needs to at least understand the various aspects of their business.

Working online is even more demanding with the rapid pace of change.

Find ways to include these success habits in your life.

  1. Read widely not just in your chosen field.
  2. Intentionally learn one new thing a day.
  3. Create a personal development plan.

To break the job mindset be intentional in learning and doing new things.

Personal growth doesn’t happen by accident. It’s not an automatic process. If you want to guarantee growth, then you need a plan—something strategic, specific, and scheduled. 

Source: John C Maxwell  With Out a Plan You’re Going Nowhere

In Summary:

Learn to think non linearly. Remove the start and stop time associate with a job.

Develop success habits to enhance your ability to be highly creative and productive.

Be intentional about personal development and growth.

Tony Robins said “Success is 80% mindset, 20% mechanics.”

Therefore, if you focus on changing your job mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset, the mechanics will take care of themselves.

What has been your biggest struggle to break away from the “job” mindset?

















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