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How Congruence Drives Your Dream Building and Goal Setting Process

How Congruence Drives Your Dream Building and Goal Setting Process

Congruence is often the missing ingredient in Dream building and goal setting. In this video I explain why it is so important and how it can drive your business powerfully forward.


Graphic On How Congruence holds the structure of Dream building together.

Graphic of how congruence hold the dream building goal setting together.


Congruence isn’t an easy thing to achieve. It is instead and ideal to work towards. In dream building and goal setting congruence is about having all the parts of your structure in alignment. This makes the process of stretching for your dream more precises, with less diversions from the path.

As it relates to the law of attraction, congruence is about the alignment of what is inside of your with what is outside of you.

For example if the voice in your head is telling you can do it, but in your outer world you continue to explain why you can’t do something, then the two different parts aren’t align and it will be difficult to manifest that goal.

The subject of congruence is a fascinating one.

For the purpose of dream building and goal setting your only concern to to ensure that everything aligns so you are not wasting effort fighting yourself. See the exercises below.

If you’d like to read more about congruence I found this very interesting exchange very interesting.

The article is called: Congruence by Steve Andreas




Writing Your Ideal Scene.

This exercises comes with clear instruction on what to do.


What are your core values exercises.

This is a simple easy to do exercise that helps you understand what your core values are. They should align with your dream.





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Next week we explore how to figure out what goals you should be working on.

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