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How a Year Of Consistent Action Looks

How a Year Of Consistent Action Looks

I preach consistent action to anyone who is willing to listen.

It’s in my tag line for Learn with Nick, my training brand. The tag line goes “Consistency of action equals certainty of results.”

When we talk about consistent action it’s important to take the long view.

The reason for that is most people overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do in a year. Bill Gates  used a year and ten years as his yard sticks. I think we can safely use the day/year example.

This feeds into the idea of taking small steps each day leading to huge gains over time.

See my article   Ten Big Dream Quotes to Fire Your Imagination 

Not for the purpose bragging but for the purpose of proving a point, I want to quantify some of my results over the last year.

Results of daily actionsI produced 52 new post for this blog alone over the last year. I post  every week and I didn’t miss once.

From those post I wrote 4 original lead magnets, with many more available to me because of all the material I wrote over one year.

I wrote 136 original emails for Nicholas Grimshawe Com not counting all the ones I wrote for Beautiful Summer Morning.

I recorded well over 40 videos. I don’t have the exact number because I didn’t track  them. Something I will start tracking next year as I kick up video production.

Facebook post to Nick’s Mindset Marketing and to Be-Inspired  numbered in the hundreds.  Again I am adding this to my tracking next year.

I added 1002 new names to my list.

chart of progress

Another way to view it.

That all happened not because I did something extraordinary, but because I took small steps every single day of the year.

I did not hit my list building target, but am I unhappy with the result.?Absolutely not.

That’s a small sampling of the work I did over the last year.

However, day to day, you don’t see the long term results, instead you sweat hitting your goals each day. Some weeks things go well and other weeks things are a disaster and you want to quit and go pout in the corner.

Which is why it’s important to keep the long view in mind.

The Long View

Focus on your ordinary day to day tasks and your year will look extraordinary.

Consistent action gets you there every time.



With brings me to Learn With Nick

New Learn With Nick Logo

I created Learn with Nick, with the help of some very spectacular people, namely Sunny Suggs, Rhonda Pizor , and Jon Olsen.

Learn with Nick’s original vision was to help people master the full potential of Click Track Profit, and the site did the job well for about two years.

However nothing stays the same for long in the online marketing world.

Click Track Profit changed its focus and so did I.

Now for two years I’ve been wanting to do something more with the brand, Learn with Nick. I had ideas but found it difficult to phase those into the membership script I used.

With over a year of working back and forth ideas began to emerge as I saw the formation of teaching platforms that made what I want to do easier.

I also want to produce my own courses to help others move forward with their online businesses.

I’ve been working away at a new project to launch about mid January 2018.

I want to demonstrate to new marketers how being consistently on a daily bases could show results.

So coming early in the New Year I am launching Learn with Nick’s 30 Day List Building Challenge.  The goal is to help people build there list through consistent action every day.

The challenge will be free to join.  You will get  access to a private Facebook group of peers, where we can keep each other accountable to daily actions and cheer each other on and celebrate results.

I am in the process of creating all the set up videos and organizing them into the proper sequence.

I will be sending out a link to my list soon as well as beginning an advertising campaign.

I’m really excited about the first project for Learn with Nick and the many more I that will follow.

If you are not a member of my list click the form below to stay updated on the 30 day challenge.

Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

I want to wish all my loyal readers and subscribers a Merry Christmas, or holiday season, what ever your traditions are, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.



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