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My Best List Building Tools for March 2018

My Best List Building Tools for March 2018

Best List Building Tools For March 2018

Best List Building Tools is a new feature I’m adding to the blog. The idea is to give you a resource you can apply to your own list building efforts.

Each month I will give high-level results then the details so you can see what I used to generate signups to my list.

To build my list I use a combination of two list building methods.

1 Using Safelist and Mailers

2 Using Paid Solo Ads.

I will report on each separately so you get a clear picture of how I generated the signups.


For the month of March, I received 125 new sign-ups to my list. (At that pace that’s 1500 new subscribers in 12 months.)

Of course, I want to exceed that.

55 new members came from Safelist and Mailers.

61 new members from paid solo ads.

9 generated from various other sources, like banner ads.

To build my list I only use landing pages (either my own or those provided by the programs I promote.)

I promoted only two programs in March.

TIP Trying to promote more that one or two programs is, difficult waters down your branding, and stretches your resources.

Focus on one or two programs that grow your list directly in your autoresponder.


Dual Squeeze

If you are a member of Dual Squeeze (even if you did not sign up with me) watch for my upcoming training on Dual Squeeze and how to use Dual Squeeze to grow your list. 

Affiliate Funnel Clones.

I promoted Dual Squeeze at Safelist and Mailers.

Affiliate Funnel Clones only through solo ads.

For the purpose of clarity, I did not report signups from my blog or through my email marketing to my list.

The following is a detailed report on the list building tools I used the last month.

Safelists and Mailers

A total of 36 different safelists and mailers contributed at least one sign up this month.

Here are my top five Safelist or Mailers for March 2018

Top 5 Safelist and Mailers For March 2018

Mailer or SafelistHitsUnique HitsRatioSignUps
Harmony Mails48252%1.246
100% Traffic Mailer 70745%.715
Instant Profit Mailer 612 30% .825
Viral URL2793%14.814
State of the Art Mailer27480%1.464

I received those 55 signups by having a consistent daily action plan of promoting only one program to those top converting sites. Some of the sites I’m upgraded in, and in others, I do the daily work of reading mail to earn the credits so I can send to as many people as possible.

I also experiment with new sites, track the results. Any that don’t produce a signup after using them for a couple of weeks get discarded.

So there isn’t any magic, just the steady consistent working of the plan.

>>>Click here for my full list of top 30 best-converting sites.  All these sites are free to join.

Paid Solo Ads

I use Udimi for all my solo ads at the moment.

There is a good reason for this. All the solo ad sellers are rated. You can then search according to what you are looking for. The sellers are also reviewed by the buyers. All these reviews can help you make an informed decision.

Udimi monitors the solo ads and if the seller doesn’t deliver you are refunded the undelivered part of your solo ad buy.

If you are new to buying solo ads this is the best place to start.

Last month was my first month of really using solo ads.

I did not buy a lot of traffic in March. And I suggest you make a budget and stick to it.

I spent $91.98 for 61 leads which made the average cost per lead of $1.51

I consider this too high. My target for cost per lead is $1.00

One of the reasons that this is a little higher than it should be is a mistake I made in running a solo ad when the site, Affiliate Funnels Clones, was doing updates, and their site was up and down. They did tell me not to run a solo ad then and I forgot.  I had to ask the seller to interrupt the ad and that had an impact on the results. (Lesson learned.)

Recommended Solo Ad Vendors for March

I had a good run from Andreas Arvidsson.

Note the 73% Top Tier, this is too low.

An excellent run from Sarah Chew

Note the 83% from top tier.

Top Tier countries are: United States, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand

I hope seeing how I get my signups will help you designed your own action plan and inspire you to stick to that plan.

For tracking I recommend

I plan to publish this report once a month adding and refining as I go.

Use the comment section to let me know if you found the information helpful.

What was your best-converting mailer or safelist last month?

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Since I am an Affiliate Marketer most if not all the links included in this post are affiliate links. While most sites are free to join, if you take an upgrade I will earn a commission. 

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