3 Essential Tips for Building a Foundation of Trust With Your Audience


One day as I did my sunrise walk along the beach, I saw a young man, ear glued to his cell phone. At that time of the morning as the sun rises over the sea, voices carry easily on the air, and I heard him distinctly say, “Things happened for a reason.”

For some reason, the phrase nagged at me.

You’ve heard it used I’m sure. You’ve utter it yourself, so have I.

We use the phrase for many different reasons.

Metaphysically it’s akin to saying, “There are no accidents,” or “I don’t believe in coincidence.”

Sometime we use it as a form of consolation. When something terrible happens, we try to lessen the impact by saying, “things happen for a reason.”

That morning it seemed to be used as a way of shrugging something off.

The phrase caught my attention because I wondered if this young man believed the phrase held any veracity.

Is it a lazy way to take comfort without taking responsibility?

Sometimes we use a phrase like that to excuse inaction.

“I didn’t deliver on my intention today, or I didn’t complete a task I’d set, or I missed that deadline because such and such happened, and you know things happen for a reason.”

I’ve done that, way more times than I ought to.

You might or might not admit to it too.

We can beat ourselves up over committing these transgressions which would do us no good.

Or we can bring them into our awareness for further work.

Instead of using words recklessly we should strive to believe in the words that we use.

Words illustrate one aspect of your art at work and at play.

Words reveal the artist at work.


As an internet marketer, you live and die by your word. Your customers and clients believe in you, they know like and trust you enough to invest in you and follow you, but the moment you lose integrity you damage your “brand”. It’s hard to recover from that.

To help you avoid getting caught up in similar situations I offer you three tips

Tip one. Speak with Integrity

Following Miguel Ruiz’s advice in the quote above keeps you on track. Post it somewhere you can see the quote each day as you work on content creation, writing an email letter to your list, creating a video, or coaching via Skype. I created a quote card for you to download to make it easier for you to keep the quote in mind.

Tip Two: Talk to Your Core Values

Identify your top 5 core values. A core value should be a one or two-word attribute which guide you in your action choices each and everyday. Family is one core value many people honor. Integrity might be another or patience, especially import to people coaching and training others. I created a PDF Core Value Assessment exercise you can use to arrive at the 5 Values below.  Download Your Core Value Worksheet here: http://nicholasgrimshawe.com/ngcvae

Your 5 Core Values






Tip 3:  Write a Mission Statement

Write a mission statement based on your core values, incorporating the words of your core value into a short succinct statement that then becomes a personal tool to measure an idea or action to see if it holds true to your core values, before you decide to implement it. Your mission statement should be an I AM statement.


I am an internet marketer focused on delivering exceptional value to my customer and clients to help them achieve success in a way that allows me to remain committed to my family and to support my community.   

The bolded and underlined words are core values incorporated into the statement.

It might take some work, practice and patience to get clarity on your mission statement, but once it’s crafted you have an invaluable guide to direct your actions, goals and dream.

Then once you create your core values, craft a mission statement and post the quote where you see it everyday, your confidence in speaking your word will invigorate your work. Plus, when I’m walking on the beach early in the morning, I won’t overhear you making the same mistake that young man did the other day.

Dream Big, Live Inspired

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