4 Questions to Ask to Help You Find Clarity of Vision.




“Vision always comes first. Always.” Mike Hyatt.


After you take your final breath you are released from the task of seeking clarity of vision, not before.

Unfortunately, too many people stop seeking clarity of vision and purpose long before that time. We seem to have this misunderstanding that once we have our vision or our dream all mapped out, that it becomes an unchanging law something etched in stone that never needs revision or second thought or editing in any way.

And way too many people never really work to clarify what it is they want or desire.

However, if you’re an  entrepreneur ( and if you are learning to build a business on-line, you qualify), you have some inner impulse to find success, and to do that you need to have a crystal clear vision, as well as be open to change and refinement as you grow and change as does the world around you.

There are lots of tools to help you do this, the tool I’m focusing on is the power of asking yourself questions, and in this case four questions posed by John C Maxwell, in the chapter on clarity  in his book:  Put Your Dream to the Test: 10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It

I am going to give you the four questions in a moment but first I want to explain that I’ve added 2 variations to each question which slightly change how you might think about the question and possibly open more doorways through which you may step and explore. These questions open-ended, in that they are not closed once you pose the question but open to your exploration at any time.

The best way to work with introspective questions that follow, is to use a Journal or a notebook, or a plain old piece of paper.

Ask the question and then write what ever comes to mind, listened for that inner voice to guide you and help you find the answers. Write until nothing more comes to you then go on to pose the next question. Don’t stop during the process to  refine what you’ve written. Wait until you complete the exercise for the first time…and then work to formalize your notes.

Another really good way to do this is to use Ever Note or One Note. Write out each question, then type in what comes to you but you get the added flexibility of coming back and adding notes as they come to you.

Either way if you work this exercise you will experience a refining and sharpening of your vision. If it’s still not crystal clear to you, no worries, just come back at it again.

Here are the questions. I’ve highlight the original John Maxwell Question, then followed it with my variations.

Question 1

What would I do if I had no limitations?

What would I  become if I had no limitations?

How would I serve if I had no limitations?

Question 2

What would I do if I had only five years to live?

What would I become if I had only five years to live?

How would I serve if I had only five years to live?

Question 3

What would I do if I had unlimited resources?

What would I become if I had unlimited resources?

How would I serve if I had unlimited resources?

Question 4

What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?

What would I become if I knew I couldn’t fail.

How would I serve if I knew I couldn’t fail.


So I lied in my title. I’ve given you 12 questions. But if any of them or variants you might think up yourself, lead you to bring your vision into focus, then they’ve done their job and you will be one step closer to realizing your dreams.

Of course you should come back and revisit these questions often. Remember: After you take your final breath you are released from the task of seeking clarity of vision, not before.


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  • I always wanted to be a disc jocky or a recording engineer when in high school by then came the VN war and i joined the Air Force learned about planes and flight but never became a pilot just a mechanic repairing planes. When i go out four years later with one damaged ear no high frequency, how could i be a recording engineer when not able to hear all the instruments… Oh well i set out to learn about everything else i could do. Plastic Fabrication, wood working, electronic design and much more as time went on… I was frustrated so my wife at the time said why no do video production…
    I bought two cameras and stated doing weddings and special occasions, then car commercials and business stuff too… Memories Unlimited Video was born out of that and for 28 years i’ve been in video production in many different ways, editing, lighting, and sound engineering too… i now volunteer at cable tv in Palo Alto doing over 200 plus shows a year, Nummber 1 volunteer for 14 years now, i also semi retired and got into the internet, designing websites and uploading shows for people a cable.
    I love CTP and Nick for all they have shown me about TE surfing and getting hits to all of my sites…
    I stated a kore4 team called pureleveragers here at ctp it'[s lots of fun to meet others out here and make friends on the web, as well as learning the do’s and don’ts of this business here on the internet…..

    Steve Hall

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