5 Big Mistakes Most Internet Marketers Make With Click Track Profit.

I’ve summarized the points in the video below.


1 Not doing your training to expert status in Click Track Profit before joining a CTP team.

2 Not doing the basic list building course in Click Track Profit before seeking out other list building courses.

3 Failing to follow the training steps means you are not correctly setting up the most powerful aspect of Click Track Profit, the Downline Builder.

4 Not doing the mastery steps as these train you to focus on a goal, take steps everyday sticking with the steps until the goal is completed. This builds certainty and with that come confidence.

Sending your new referrals to a CTP team before they’ve completed their basic training.
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Nick Grimshawe


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  • Great advice Nick and a wonderful clear video that steps out what should be done to achieve with Click Track Profit. I really enjoyed watching it. Now with the season finished (or just about anyway) it would be good for members to get back into their training.

  • Hi Leone,

    Thanks for dropping by. I agree this would be a good time to focus people back to training to get ready for the next games. As for the clear video, I was talking to a friend about buying a new video cam or something even more fancy, and he told me to use my cell phone, the video quality is hard to beat. So that’s what I’m doing.


  • Thank you Nick. This is a great video with very important information. People sure never read anything do they. I will tell my team members this and put a link to your video for them.

    Have a great time in Panama! 🙂

  • Hi Barb, Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you liked the post and really pleased you are adding a link to this video for your team. I’m having an amazing time here in Panama. No snow, rain, fog, or freezing rain. The average temperature is around 88 degrees…just lovely. Oh and tropical fruit that actually ripened before it was picked.


  • An outstanding post Nick.

    You are absolutely right. The training at CTP is way to valuable to miss.
    It was there before CTP teams, and will be there if CTP teams ever ceases to exist.

    The networking that came as a result of CTP teams is a very cool thing, but the basis of all of that is the training. If we have completed the training we can be a more valuable contributor to our network.

    Thanks for the cool reminder Nick 🙂
    John L. Brewer recently posted…Why you should use an AutoResponderMy Profile

  • Thanks John for dropping by and for your comments. Now we are at break from team play…most of us…it is a good time to go back and finishing any training not completed under your training tab.


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