5 Catch Phrases You Should Avoid Like the Plague in Internet Marketing or…


How I Came In on the Ground Floor and Ended Up in The Basement

If you are a new Internet Marketer perhaps you haven’t heard these catch phrases very often….yet! If you’ve been around for a while this phrases should light up like warning lights that cause you to back away and pause before you even consider investigating further.

Taken that we live in an expanding universe with unlimited possibility, the repetitive nature of these catch phrases makes you wonder about the intelligence of those writing the copy, or maybe the cognitive ability of the people actually jumping in …on the ground floor.

Naturally that gets the number one spot.

The danger of starting on the ground floor

1 Ground Floor Opportunity:

The reason this is ground floor is there aren’t any other floors except the basement, which is where you end up if you join. Obviously the use of sense of urgent here, alerts you to the fact that this business won’t scale. If a company, product or service is solid it will be around for a long time. Those are the opportunities you are looking for.




2 Game Changing

The copy headline screams “game changing” only to follow on with the same old, tired and worn out phrases you’ve seen everywhere else. Now it could be a game changer for the owner, who’s in to grab your money and out before you realize the program is part of the same old game.

Read past the headline copy to see if there really is something different in their approach.





3 Better than Facebook.

This one just makes me laugh. Really? Two billion people and climbing? Ad revenue that would make most third world countries weep. The third largest country by population in the world! Yea..better than Facebook. Right!





4 This is a No Brainer

Implied in this copy is that you have no brain if you can’t see how awesome this program is. My way of looking at this is that the person who created the program  is seriously lacking in the brain department. Or you have no brain if you sign up for the program. Or … well you get my point…it’s a no brainer!




5 We will do everything for you! You don’t have to do anything!

Ah… then why do you need me? Why are you spending big bucks to get me if I don’t need to do anything? Oh I know, I bet I have to pay a fee and you will do everything else. Oh… you didn’t say what I get for doing nothing. Is it the usual thing I get when I do nothing?

You know my opinion on made for you programs. If you haven’t read it you can find it here: http://nicholasgrimshawe.com/done4u



I’m sure you’ve seen other examples. How about sharing in the comment section. What is your favorite catch phrase you think should be avoided like the plague?

So what’s the point in all of this?

For me it is a shift in direction to focus more on the key elements of list building.

The Key Elements of List Building



The key entitlements from my current understanding are:

1, The actual mechanics of building a list (landing pages, autoresponders and tracking).

2. Email marketing.

3. Traffic

4. Blogging

5. How to use all three of those to build human relationships.

6. The growth and development of a mind set to succeed in business, life, and list building.

I’m not an expert in any of these areas right now. Lots of people are.

So I’m going back to University to earn my degree.

That’s right, so I can serve you better, to help you more, to offer you the tools and mind set you need to succeed I’m setting in a new daily practice.

From seven to ten week nights I’m studying  the masters out there  who podcast, blog, and teach courses on all this stuff.  People like Kam Jennings, Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, Michael Hyatt and more.

What I learn I’m going to share with you starting with my next blog post coming next week.

What area are you struggling in the most?

Let me know.

Dream Big, Live Inspired

Nick Grimshawe


PS Some one who taught me the basics  of list building , Andrew Stark, created a short, inexpensive course on some of the elements you need to put together as part of your list building efforts. I still use what he taught me and I recommend the course as one of the best little courses out there. And it’s not about doing it for you, it’s about showing you how.

Remember  that story of giving some one a fish which will feed them for a day , or showing them how to fish so they can feed themselves for a life time. Even if you later decide to outsource that work, it pays to understand the basics.

Take action now. Click the image below. You won’t even have to skip a Starbucks Coffee.








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  • Aloha Nicholas…

    Thank you for sharing the catch phrases you should avoid. I believe one catch phrase is free. I think that this might have worked in the past but today I think that it just attracts the tire kickers. What do you think?

  • HI Karalee, Thanks for visiting NicholasGrimshawe.Com . I think this is your first time commenting, so thanks for that. Yes FREE is probably the ultimate catch phrase in marketing period, not just the internet. People seem to see the word free, and then get blinded by the word and believe that everything can be done for free. And our industry seem to encourage that mindset. However, occasionally a tire kicker will buy and surprise every one. And that’s cause for celebration.

    Thanks again for commenting.


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