7 Simple Steps to Make Your Traffic Exchange Marketing Sizzle


Eighty percent of  marketing on Traffic Exchanges typifies a lazy approach to marketing: the generic ad page. Perhaps you are guilty of this unproductive approach to marketing. Changing your habits means you will begin to standout in the crowd of done-fore-you, lowest denominator pap that infest Traffic Exchanges.  It takes a bit of work to make your marketing sizzle but none of it is difficult, and the results fall to your bottom line: money earned.

I’ve outline some of those easy steps below.

1 Instead of buck shot use a laser.

When people see your name you want them to instantly associate your name with a specific program or website. For instance I keep my marketing focused in only three areas: Learn with Nick, Learning Strategies Mindfests, and join-my-list squeeze pages. That’s it.  Everything else I promote goes through my list, not on a traffic exchange.

The added benefit happens to be a better concentration of your credits for added impact.

Action to Take:

Review your advertising and cut your ads down to only 2 or 3 areas and stay laser targeted on them.

2 Use your own personally branded Squeeze or Splash pages.

If you can afford professional design do it. Use programs like Landing Page Monkey or AdKreator. Or something you will see here shortly a WP theme that supports creating your own landing pages within your website.

You know this, but you still do it because it’s easy and quick: use generically produced pages. DON’T DO IT.

Action to Take

Right now go to the TE’s you use and remove all generic splash and squeeze pages.

Then set up a schedule in Google Calendar to create your own personalize splash pages.

3. Use a professionally taken photo as your image.

Don’t use selfie’s, weird images, body shots with you in a bathing suit or any of the other bizarre images I’ve seen out their. You are aiming for quick visual recognition so people can actually know like and trust you.

Action to Take

If you don’t have a really good professional image find a qualified friend or contact a photographer to have one created.

4.   Your parents agonized over giving you a name. Make them proud: use it in your marketing.

Know like and trust doesn’t happen if you hide your identity.

I wrote a whole blog post about the last two points.

My Horrible Experience At the Grocery Store

Action to Take:

While you work to create those new personalize splash and squeeze pages add your real name.

5. Brand Every Thing

By doing 3 and 4 people will begin to know like and trust you. Make sure you brand everything. Don’t get lazy. Brand your banner ads.

This is an area I need to improve it as well.

Action to Take.

AdKreator allows you to create branded banners. Make this part of the redesign of your marketing on Traffic Exchanges

7. Use all the Marketing Tools your favorite TE’s offer.

Most sites allow for banner ads, and text ads but others offer square banners, and all manner of variations on the theme. As an example Legacy Result features one of the best banner networks of any TE out there.

Action to Take

As you visit each of your favorite traffic exchanges remember to check all the advertising options available and take steps to use them.

6. Cultivate a helpful, pleasant online personality in TE Chats

Don’t get your name associated with bitching and complaining.

Bitching and complaining is many people’s default mode. All the work you’ve done in 1-4 disintegrates the moment you get tagged as a complainer. I’m tempted here to offer up a list of things not to bitch about, but it’s simpler to say don’t bitch. I also include whining as bad form for a professional.

Action to Take

Read:A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted by Will Bowen then follow the rubber band exercise until you succeed. It took me about 4 months. That’s how unconsciously we complain.

7. Emulate

Study what other marketer’s are doing at you favorite Traffic Exchanges. Look for someone’s work that sizzles for you. Figure out how they do it and emulate, copy and gracefully steal ideas from them.

If you follow these simple actions your Traffic Exchange marketing will begin to sizzle. Of course you can just keep on doing the same old, same old, but then your marketing might very well fizzle.

Here is a way to rate yourself .

I do none of the above: rating Fizzle

I do 2 to 3 of the list items above: rating Razzle

I do 4 to 6 of the above: rating Dazzle

I do all the above and more: rating Sizzle.


Put your rating along with a comment in the comment section below.


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  • Hi Nick, excellent post! I’m tempted to write a long reply, but I’ll scale it down and focus it on one aspect only: our gravatar pictures.

    Here’s the story behind mine: years ago, I worked for a design firm (as a programmer), and we had these weekly team building events every Friday night. It was tiring after a day of work, but fun and bounding, and, as you can see, I still remember them. The picture I use everywhere online is taken at one of these events, by one of my designer colleagues. He sure knew how to capture the instant, and you probably wouldn’t have guessed I was at a party by looking at it, right? 🙂

    Yes, I agree, the picture we choose should represent us and what we are trying to do online. And it will stick with us for a long time in the minds of others.

    As for my rating, I’d say I’m a ‘dazzle’. Not a very chatty guy, and there are a few other areas where I need to improve.

    Thanks for this post, great advice and we sure need them!

  • Thanks Candis for the comment and the rating. So you have the Razzle and some of the Dazzle which means you won’t fizzle.


  • Hey Adrian. Thanks for your very chatty reply…I’m teasing. Thank you for giving added insight on the Gravatar we choose to use as part of our marketing efforts online. You even have a story about the image you use and by sharing that story you actually deepened your branding. Thanks for rating yourself too. Your Dazzle is beginning to sizzle.


  • Wise words. I have learned this a while back. The landing page uniqueness is the bare minimum. Use a WYSIWYG editor like Blue Griffon to create your pages,

  • Hi Mike, thanks for stopping by and for commenting on the article. Get tip on landing pages.


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