A New Formula as Powerful as E=MC2 (Well Almost)

New Nick NuggetI created a video this morning using this quote:

“Only infinite patience produces immediate results.” Marianne Williamson The Gift of Change: Spiritual Guidance for Living Your Best Life attributed to Course of Miracles.

I used the video in an ad for Learn with Nick as a sort of tease to highlight our insistence on instant results. It must happen now.

So if we can practice patience, a practice sorely missing from our instant access society, then using the quote as a reasoning tool, it follows that the more patience we exhibit, the more quickly will come the results.

In that is the secret to getting results.

Let me give you an example: At Learn with Nick, one of the daily actions we recommend is to invite 5 CTP members to become your friend each day.  Say you did that 5 times a week, that’s 25 invites each week. The response rate to asking people to be friends at CTP, from my own personal experience is pretty high…at least 60%. That means at the end of the week you’ve made 15 new connections. I’ve coached a few people to do this very simple step. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes a day.  I’m always surprised at the resistance I get to doing this simple practice.

There is no immediate pay off. You don’t make any money from doing this, you don’t get any XP for doing this. (I get gamification but do we really need bribes to do everything?) And the push back is always in the form of a questions…well why?…what does it get me?”

NO Reward = NO Patience=NO Thing (NoR=NoP=NoT  see almost as eloquent as E=MC2)

A patient practice of making friends does lead to results.


Well that’s my question to you.

Down below is a comment section and I’d like to hear from you (No rewards…actually if you have a post to a blog, by using comment love  you can get your link posted. Okay so a small reward.) what you think the benefits of making friends at Click Track Profit are. I’m going to make a list out of your responses, of let say…5 reasons but I’d like to push for ten and  include the list  in a follow-up post.

So tell me. What are the benefits to making friends at CTP.


Learn with Nick

Do you have enough patience to invest in Kore 4?






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  • Definitely making friends pays off..not immediately but in the longterm it will.I have over 2800 friends.There were days and days when the only thing I was doing was adding friends in CTP.You make friends,you have more chances to get refs.So go and add friends and build some relationships!

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