And the Winner Is…..

Jon and Patrick

Jon Olson and Patrick Griffin on TELive, selecting the Winner Of our Brown Bag Promotion.

For anyone who has read these blog posts you know that I’ve been running a promotion to add new names to my list through Rocket Responder.

During the promotion I latched onto something Matt Badura started when the  latest XP crazy got started. I thought, well if Matt can give away 50,000 XP so can I. That gave birth to the brown bag promotion.

My first squeeze page looked like this:

first ad

It was topical because Matt’s promotion was all over the interwebs and on TELive.

The second part came in a flash to ask Jon Olson if I sent him the names at the end of July would he draw the name on a TELive show in August. He proved willing, and off we went.

Once the sign ups through that squeeze page trickled away. I looked for another way of keeping the campaign fresh. So I produced a series of squeeze pages:

Jon and the brown bag

I kept the format the same though out the promo so people could see it was the same promo. The next one Jon referred to Tim Tech as a black duck so I started to do up a splash for that, but the very next day…he couldn’t remember what he said  , and screwed up my promo. so I quickly change the title and came up with this:

black duck promotion

I just kept having fun with the promo. And I constantly looked for topical things to focus the ads on.

In the end I added 52 names to my list and next to no cost.

Which brings me to the final part of this blog post.

Yesterday on TELive, Jon and Patrick has some fun with the brown bag I sent and the wax seal which was a last-minute inspiration to add a little theater, and pulled the winner out of the brown bag…and the winner is:

Gary Schmitt, who received a total XP of 75,000 XP . The extra XP of 25,000 was rewarded because Gary is a member of a CTP team The Strays. Now Gary didn’t just get 75,000 xp , he’s Kore 4 so that translates to 300,000 then all his team bonuses kick in, so who knows what his total tally was.

Is it just a co-incidence, or did that help him get to   the # 1 stray to-day?

Thank you all who participated, and thank you for joining my list.




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  • I only wish i could buy some XP’s to give away, to drum up people for my team, but expences at present don’t allow me that joy, but maybe someone out there knows some people in GVO or PL that want to join my team “pureleveragers ” since i can only surf so much by myself, to get more points i need more people (a team or surfers), no more lazybones surfing to 50 or 100 then give up!!!
    i always get to 1000 badge and beyond sometimes….
    always looking for kore4 people too 🙂

    ” lets go TE surfing” .. Videomemo

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