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It’s Friday. Depending on how you have structured your business it is either your last day of business for the week, or your second last. Of course you might run your business Monday to Sunday, which means you have 3 days to the end of the week.

I run my business and my statistics Sunday to Saturday. So I have today and tomorrow to hit my goals for the week.

Friday is a good day to stop and take a minute to assess  how you are doing for the week.

This week I set a big goal of exceeding all my previous stats for the year. I only measure 3 things so I don’t get bogged down on measuring and not producing.

So how is it going on my play.

Stat one:

Income from all online business, this is commissions, upgrades to Learn with Nick, that sort of thing it also included part of another stat, payments into my Pal Account

For this stat, I’ve blown it out of the water with $300 US in commission generated so far this week. Part of that income came from sales generated through Learning Strategies a personal development company I love and promote through my Beautiful Summer Morning Website.

Stat two.

Total sign ups in all programs. Stat to beat is 34, and this one needs a last-minute push. I have today and tomorrow to get there and I’m only at 13 so far.

Stat three

Payments into Pay Pal this week. Typically income from that arrives today and tomorrow for me. Right now I am pushing the big fat zero which is a concern, though I have lots of commissions sitting out there just haven’t reach the release threshold for most of them.

Summary, Leading in one, I’ve beaten last week’s in two but need to push. And Paypal…I need to dig around on that one.

Once my week is done I take a moment to look at what worked what didn’t and reinforce more of what worked and then I set goals, based on my big dream for the upcoming week.

How are you doing on your plan for the week? What systems do you use? What do you measure.

Let me know.

Bye the way stay tuned or an announcement about a new upcoming blog festival.

Dream Big, Live Inspired.


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