Are You Just Checking the Box?

When you are a  solo entrepreneur you wear all the hats in your business. It’s easy to become overwhelmed in task based activities that eat away at all your time and energy.  In your  peripheral vision a creative project you are dying to get at keeps sliding from view causing frustration and anger.

To get to your project the temptation is to cut corners, no one will notice.

So you do the task and you tick the done-box on your list, and scurry on to the next task, which you rush through and tick off.

Ah there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Next task…tick.

You gulp a coffee to fortify you for the next chore, a social media task of adding five new friends to your social circle. You pray no one responds because that would really slow you down.


At the end of the day you feel cheated, agitated , and annoy with yourself .

Your task list is done…but something doesn’t feel  right.

Oh well ….tomorrow.


At the end of the week you look at your results and wonder if all that effort has been worth it.

The fix?

Take a long hard look at your task list…really hard.

Ask yourself why you do that particular task. Do you enjoy it? Does it further your aims and goals? If you didn’t do it, what would happened?

Then take a red marker and stroke out those tasks that do not meet your narrowly defined criteria.

Don’t do a task because you read somewhere that “everyone” needs to do this to succeed.

Don’t do a task because a friend tells you that’s how she found success.

Don’t do a task just to say you do it.

Only commit to tasks that serve your purpose and your goals and then only when you  give it your very best .

Review your list often to make sure unnecessary task aren’t sneaking themselves onto  your list.

In the end, do what makes you better, not the things that make you look good.


Nick Grimshawe

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  • Terrific post Mr. Nick.

    I don’t know about everybody else, but I can get guilty of tick, tick, tick pretty darn quick. I have a hard list that I do first thing every morning (much of it that social thing Jon talks about) and I set aside time for writing every day. But somewhere between there and productivity, something happens sometimes…

    Tick, tick, tick. Sounds like the Croc in Peter Pan. And like him, best left alone…

    Thanks, Nick!
    Tom Wacker recently posted…Milestones and MinestroneMy Profile

  • Hi Tom. I agree it’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of just going through the motions. Tick…done. I think the trick is not to let the routine become the routine.


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