Are You Listening?

Again this morning John Maxwell harangued me about listening to others if you want to become a good leader. Talk less, listen more. It’s good advice especially important if you are in business for yourself…you really do need to know what is going on with your customers. If you operate from “you think you know” you are in trouble.

However I think there is something senior to listening to others…really listening…and that is really listening to yourself.

It’s like love…before you can’t truly love someone you have to love yourself. Well if you aren’t listen to you , listening to others would be a problem because of the interference in your head.

And it’s what your head is saying that needs serious attention.

Cause if you are like me…it’s talking back, being difficult and attempting to sabotage you with a negative feedback loop.

Listening into that conversation gives you a chance to redirect and change the chatter and be aware of the times when your mind is trying to cut your legs out from under you.

When you can do that with some success you will find your ability to listen to others goes way up.

There’s just less noise.

You can get there of course, just like every other skill you learn, by practice: daily practice.


Nick Grimshawe.

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  • Avak, thanks for your comment. Too many of us are afraid of true silence we shy away from it thinking it’s some how a bad thing…but really only in the silence can you find your own quiet center.


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