Are You Uncomfortable Yet?

If the answer is an honest yes….go get uncomfortable some more. You’re doing well.

If the answer is no. or a hesitant maybe here is something to ask yourself today and any day when you are feeling particularly comfy.

What can I do today to make myself feel uncomfortable?

Definitely not a warm and fuzzy question is it? Kinda brings on a bit of disquiet in the gut, right?

It’s easy and natural to make excuses.

Excuses are like a cloak we hide our nakedness in.

All the reasons why we shouldn’t do something start flying into our brains when we start to think about doing something that means we have to step outside the familiar.

The first primate that stepped down from the trees and walked off into the savanna sure as hell felt that way.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all our ancestors who got uncomfortable enough to send us down the evolutionary road.

Now we owe it to them to be brave, muster up the courage and the grit to do that thing, we know in the deepest, truest part of us, we should do.

When we strip away all the excuses, and every reason we can come up with  not to do that thing….yes that thing…we begin that uncomfortable journey.

We don’t suddenly become empowered with devastating logic about why we shouldn’t do that thing….yes that thing…they are excuses.

Don’t apologize with excuses.

Don’t apologize at all.

When we  see our reasons as excuses that’s when we  step out into that new world of bright sunshine and flowing grasses, and soft breezes. We might get sunburned but oh that lovely sunshine!


Nick Grimshawe

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  • Hey Nick, just wanted to let you know this is a FANTASTIC article man and I completely agree with you.

    I used to get uncomfortable all the time before but then I just stopped doing it.

    Some people call it fear, I call it excuses but sometimes the fear kicks in at the same time, even fear of success (as weird as that sounds) and then you just stop making progress.

    Thanks for the indirect nudge man and I believe you’re doing fantastic things already.

    Sergio Felix recently posted…Two Week Honeymoon In The USAMy Profile

  • Hi Sergio,
    Fear of success isn’t such a strange thing…success means a big change…it means a transformation from failure and the known to the new world of success and the unknown . For most of us that’s scary and to make matters worse, we are always somewhere along that transformational path…we are always in the process, no matter how successful, of transforming from one state to another.

    Now strictly in a selfish personal vein, I wish for you much discomfort, so your WP course is released soon, so I can learn from you all the great things you have to teach others.


  • Hi Christine, I know that doesn’t necessarily feel good. It’s like when you are growing up and your body races far ahead of your brain, and everything feels uncomfortable and not quite right. Then everything catches up and we feel comfortable again, and there in lies the trap. Being comfortable feels good and if we allow that comfort to take over our lives, we stop growing.


  • Hi Paul. Yep we are here, because of all the people who didn’t stay home in the comfortable place of the familiar.

    Thanks for your comments Paul.


  • Good for you Carl, you are a great example of getting uncomfortable. Sometimes it makes you squirm a bit but when you break through…ah what a feeling.


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