How to Avoid This Common Mindset Marketing Mistake

I taped this short video to get across an important idea.

Some might think I’m splitting hairs.

Listen to the video.



Do you see the distinction I make between expecting a program to make us successful or using a program to make ourselves successful?

One mind set expects the program to create success for us. This puts the onus on the program. We give our power to that program to do for us what we should do for ourselves.  The result is outside our control. It’s the program that has the power.

Instead, if we use programs to make ourselves successful, now it’s not the program that’s responsible for our success. We are responsible for our success.

In the first you are a victim of the program.

In the second you are at cause, the program responds to you.

One is lazy: the program will do it.

One is work: It’s how I use the program that will bring me success.

When you are looking at joining a new program stop to ask yourself,  why you want to sign up to the program. Is it because it will make you a success, or because you can use it to make a success of yourself?


Can you see why your intent matters?


Nick Grimshawe

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  • Oh wow! You’ve put this issue in a way so easy to grasp, Nick.

    Success can only come from within. Money can occasionally come from outside, but not success.

    You’ve put it from the perspective of a member, but there is a big question any product creator or service provider or coach must answer: do I offer them what they NEED or do I give them what they WANT?

    In most cases NEED and WANT are completely opposite. Do you give a chocolate bar to a diabetic because he or she wants it? I suppose you can, but should you?

    People want an easy way to succeed. In 30 days or less if possible. And where demand is, there’s the offer to fill it.

    But even if they make money with such a system, will they become more successful? Not really. The product will, the product creator will, and maybe if they are smart they will use the money they make to do something about their own success.

    Otherwise they will be the same after the product goes out of fashion, maybe with more money.

    Excellent point about releasing your power to the program instead of using it and taking responsibility for our successes or failures.

    Awesome post, Nick!
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…5 Reasons Why You Don’t Get More SignupsMy Profile

  • Hi Eugene, thanks for your comment. I am happy that the blog post answered a question for you. If you have any ideas about other topics


  • Thanks Mike, I suppose it should be obvious but I agree I don’t think it’s always clear. Too many people rely on the program to create success.


  • Hi Adrian. Thanks for you comments. The temptation is to do the easy thing and blame the program. It’s a lot harder to ask what is my role in my results and to take a good look at the why behind them. Ultimately we are responsible for our condition and we might not necessary like to face that. The trick is to take responsibility without blame and them move forward with new determination and focus.



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