Banner Advertising: How to Invest Time and Money Wisely

Banner advertising is often seen as cumbersome, time-consuming and difficult to track and control.

What Changed?

That all changed with the advent of Your Viral Banners.

This week I want to take you back into my back office and show you what I’m seeing. I will also show you how I’m using the information to improve my banner advertising results.

Your Viral Banners has been a very popular release and greatly appreciated by marketers who until now didn’t have the detailed tracking needed to make sense of what was happening with their banner advertising.

In the video below I go over some of the results I’m seeing in my back office at Your Viral Banners. The data offers you many ways to access what is going on at many of the sites you are using.



Go to the tab Your Banners and from the drop-down menu click on the Display Your Banner Sites.

What you see here is a window into the activity on a particular site.

A busier site means more views for all your advertising. So if I have a choice of investing in Free Advertising For Your or Your Huge List, I am going to invest in Free Adverting for You.

Monitoring The Data Flow

Now you can see why it’s important to monitor the data flow at Your Viral Banners. Looking at the statistics gives you ways to invest your time and money wisely in your banner advertising.

More Information.

Click here to see a great video on how to set up Your Viral Banners


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