Bigfoot Badge Hunt Primer: Safety Tips and Policy Updates and Reminders

bigfoot Badge Hunt4

June first is the big date when a horde of hunters hit the inter-web jungle to track down Bigfoot Badges.

Things get a wee bit frantic about this time, so we wanted to give you some safety tips and policy and compliance reminders.

  1. During the hunt, always wear bright colors including a hat. Orange is my preferred color but anything bright will work. Failure to do so could result in arrest, imprisonment and other unpleasant consequences.
  2. Don’t chase badges across busy road ways. There is nothing worse than trying to surf squashed. If you do get hit, your badges could be seized as a penalty.gel
  3. Wear cushioned typing cloves with extra re-enforced gel pads for your clicking finger. You can order these specially designed Bill Gorcsi gloves from CTP International at The Hague. (Please check your Goodies page for pricing and ordering instructions.)
  4. DO NOT EAT or SNACK to stay awake so you can hunt more badges. This will lead to unacceptable levels of weight gain. Check your heath insurance policies to confirm your coverage during badge hunts. (Note: Neither CTP or Timtech condone the use of XP points to buy extra hunt insurance. )
  5. Remain civil to other badge hunters. Fines for flagrant violators include public humiliation on a post badge hunt episode of  the Plus One Blab show. Robert Arnold has signed up to conduct the public humiliation. It’s rumor that the contract is in the two figures.
  6. Wear non reflective eye-wear. CTP takes no responsibility if you fail to follow this safety precaution.
  7. Remember it is a criminal offense to bag over your daily limit of badges in some states and provinces. Check your local government website for daily hunting limits and other restrictions. (Due to the huge world wide popularity of the Badge Hunt, CTP cannot print a full list of regulations from all participating countries. )
  8. The government of Canada deems all badges earned, taxable at a 100% rate. In the US rates vary and in Europe rates vary depending if you are in a Euro or non Euro country. In all other countries badges are not considered taxable.
  9. You must carry your CTP ID during all hunting exercises. Failure to do so can result in stiff fines and in the worse case scenario banishment to Edmonton Canada during winter.

I am confident that we will get a higher rate of compliance than last year when the accident rate was at an all time high for a Badge Hunt and several people got banished to Edmonton and had near death experiences.

Nick Grimshawe
CEO Policy and Compliance division of
International CTP Badge Hunt and Licensing Bureau
The Hague


This official release from the Policy and Compliance Division of International CTP Badge Hunt and Licensing Bureau, The Hague, was original published to a very select list. But careful consideration by The CTP International Oversight Commission decided, late last night in the interest of your safety, and with an eye to keep litigation of Badge Hunt participants to a minimum, to release this to the wider Badge Hunt audience.


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