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I met Jackie Woodside at a conference in Calgary Canada where she conducted a workshop called “Igniting the Flame of Infinite Possibility”. Jackie impressed me by the way she lived the material she shared with us. She believed that we must demonstrate by living it. The workshop definitely raised the level of my  conscious during this intensive workshop. At some point I’d love to share some of the growth that came through that seminar, but here my purpose is to give you a feel for this book.

As you see by the title: Time for Change: Essential Skills for Mastering the Inevitable the book Jackie Woodside talks about change, why we find it hard to change and gives us tips on how we can master change in our lives.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]Chapter one of the book takes time to define 4 types of change. [/Tweet]Then talks about the different processes we go through as we move through change: Change itself,  anticipation, adaptation, integration and resolution. Just understanding the mental and emotional states that occur during change helps  us accept the process more, and not trying to resist.

In the next section of the book you get to discover what your change temperament is. Mine is Change Neutral. This is the first couple of lines from the book that explain what that means:

“Change neutral people neither seek nor avoid change. They have the emotional capacity for tolerating transitions; yet do not crave the energy and excitement that transitions often bring.”

The exercise to determine your change temperament is in the book, along with good tables and charts to help you grasp the concepts she introduces.

One of the qualities I enjoyed about this book is the exercises she walks you through to help you develop your skill at mastering change which leads to a better grasp of the subject and removes some of the tension and fear we experience around change.

The Quotes:

“My mind does not want to be confined to the thoughts I have always had, the experiences that are only familiar to me. my consciousness wants to grow and expand so I bow my often frightened ego to the power of my mind, and flow from the tiny meadows to the expanse of mountaintops.”

Source Jackie Woodside

“Learning to change your mind, your perspective and ultimately your level of consciousness is the most important change of all. It is your path to lasting happiness and your ticket to inner peace.”

Source Jackie Woodside

Most of us at one time or another struggle with change, don’t want to change, want to put the brakes on the world and hold everything in place as long as possible.  Resisting change is a huge drain on energy. In this book Jackie offers tools and exercises to help us learn to live through change with grace and wisdom.

The book is a quick read and well worth the time. But don’t just read…do the exercises. [Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Taking action while reading this book compounds the lessons within.[/Tweet]

You can buy the book through my link here: Time for Change: Essential Skills for Mastering the Inevitable .

If you want to see Jackie in action just to get to know her work better tune into her TED Talk here


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