Breaking the Mould: Why Things Can Never Be the Same Again

I’ve been surfing. A lot. More even than when I qualified for Expert Status at CTP way back in the day.  It’s also a lot more fun than its ever been.


I’m on a team, We surf together for common goals. We are getting to know each other through PM’s at CTP and the Team Blog for CTP Masters…we even have a private page to post secret messages.

Because I’ve been surfing more…I’ve had time to observe and compare what goes on from a different point of view: The point of view of a team surfer…which is different from the old days when I surfed and chatted in a more self-centered way. It’s not just about me any more it’s about the 24 other  exciting people in our team.

So for what it’s worth:

Respecting Your Field:

When a TE buys a Challenge at TimTech…it now comes with some very high expectations for those of us who are going to surf there. We are going to be in their surfing like demons to complete the challenge and we want smooth sailing. It’s our time here…two hours or more depending and we don’t have time to fuss around will silly impediments like:

No One at the Helm

You would think when you have the Daily Challenge, you would respect the surfers flocking to your door. You would have someone on a 24/7 watch for that day to make sure its smooth sailing and you don’t make people wait for your email verification code to be approved and not have some way for surfers to find the owner and get them out of bed. Crashes and things happen…but the competition is fierce and that’s standing out in the wrong way. (Fortunately there is a lady name Sunny, who saved the day.)

Variable Timers (these are a nightmare in tab surfing.)

Don’t  like tab surfing get over it. If you’ve done team surfing you know it doesn’t take hours to absorb an ad…and the ones that do truly stand out still get noticed. Plus a lot of the ads are repetitive.

Kore 4, like hello…the same ads over and over, that same video with what’s his name. Some people are using a branding program which is a wee bit better but soon those ads all look the same because they are a plug and play format. You can build your own splash page from scratch at AdKeator make your own video, do something different, have fun. It’s more important than ever to stick out. (and yea I will admit, in this regard I’m not standing out enough either…but I’ve got my next original video coming down the pike.)

Timers over 5 seconds

Basically the same as above… tab surfing makes timers pretty much irrelevant but when you are doing the Challenge and you focus only on that one TE you are not making friends by making people sit through ridiculous timer lengths. Three seconds is enough. As a Te owner you don’t agree. Do you want me as a regular member or not?


I love to get referrals, I think that’s part of the fun. New TE’s….and we’ve seen so many new launches…this is either the golden age of TE’s or we have a sudden rash of insanity, really need referrals to become viable as a business. So yeah I get a referral, and I dash off to send them a welcome letter only to find out I can’t contact them. This is a really big issue with me. When I launched Learn with Nick I hated that my members who referred people couldn’t contact them. A quick chat with Sunny and she had a simply way to make it possible for my members to talk to their downline. All the really big important, successful exchanges allow you to talk to your downline. Some like Easy Hits 4 U make it possible to email your entire downline, just like in CTP.

I’m sure there are fears by owners over spamming and the like…or there is this perception that they own the downline and not the wee affiliate who managed to  get some sign-ups for them. The issue of random referrals comes up here as well…but you decided to do random referrals and when you give them away as a bonus to an up graded member it doesn’t do much good…except perhaps optically, if they can’t communicate with them.

It ought to be a basic. You get to talk to your own referrals. And it should be as easy as “send a message’.

Credit Prices

The reason the Legacy Team sets the standard as far as credit sales go…is because they make offers you simply can’t refuse. And they do it all the time…and they do in small packages that almost anyone can afford and they sell lots of credits. Others do this too, TE Racing League is another fine example.

This week I’ve bought lots of credits from  TE’s either in the Sub Game, the Daily Challenge, or the Vault and Keys, but many offers are laughable….I mean really…you aren’t Easy Hits 4 U yet! I know you need to earn a profit…got it. But first you gotta get my attention and make me a returning customer with prices that make me sing…instead of laugh.

Out of Site Out of Mind

With so many new TE’s coming on the scene…if you  aren’t grabbing my attention, I’ve forgotten about you. Really…I’m not seeing your ads in circulation…I’m not seeing you.


That said I am thrilled with some of the new exchanges I’ve surfed and come to really appreciate and look forward to using . It’s got to be one hell of a tough market to make your way in, and my hat is off to you for the effort and for some of the great surfing and chatting that’s been going on. (I’d name names, but I’m afraid I’d leave one ,I really like, out.)

The mould is broken. I love the new landscape as a surfer and an advertising and I love the connections I’m making, especially those team connections.

I literally had to find a new way of conducting business…and the stretch has been good for me…and I hope you’re stretching too. It’s called growth, it’s called change.

When you grow and change you know things can never be the same.

It’s a good thing.

I have to admit…I was getting bored.

Now…well it’s exciting.








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  • Awesome stuff sir! Quote of the post….

    “With so many new TE’s coming on the scene…if you aren’t grabbing my attention, I’ve forgotten about you. Really…I’m not seeing your ads in circulation…I’m not seeing you.”

    I hope this really gets through to not only owners, but affiliates too. Be remarkable in everything you do!
    Jon Olson recently posted…Playing. Field. Leveled.My Profile

  • Thanks Jon, I appreciate you comment and the re-enforcement, and of course for showing the way.


  • Yea your so right new surf tools make a big difference and new ideas in TE’s are coming up fast
    seem there’;s a new one every three or four days now but new ones don’t get the best viewers until they catch on to the many viewers to get ” the-best-surf-for-the-buck” so to say putting ads out there on fresh new ground is risky who’s watching your ads…. the old ones there’s too many
    to surf everyday i set up a weekly schedual to surf 10 TE’s a day that 70 a week to get hits from
    that works for me and i get less your site is out of credits than before…. I am accually in over 250 TE’s far too many to surf all the time but occationally i do surf them all to keep in the que.

    Had to upgrade my sites when i lost my membership at trckme, ran out of money had to make choices what was really helping me or not…. the auto reponder is a better service to keep than tracking was… you know build your list well is helps to have one so not to blast emails to just anyone as most still do…… Best to all videomemo “pureleverager team at ctp”
    Stephen Hall recently posted…My Business on the WebMy Profile

  • Exactly what I wanted to say!

    One thing I’ve noticed about joining so many new exchanges to complete the daily challenges, sub games and vaults is the number of new sign ups I’ve got to my list. It is like a whole new market!

    Long may it continue and the word spreads that you can make money with this without chasing that ‘I made $insert ridiculous figure here, in 7 days with no experience, investment or list’

    Great post Nick.
    Keith Butterworth recently posted…So you joined a traffic exchange…what’s next?My Profile

  • That’s quite a surfing schedule Steve . But then when I think about it, I now do pretty much the same.


  • Thanks Nick ,

    This post is really helpful, it covered all the important stuff in TEs industry.

  • Great point about sign ups and that it’s getting easier to make money doing this rather than going for the pie-in-the-sky offers all about us.


  • Hi Nick,

    You always have an awesome way of observing and critiquing what you see out there in TE Land; this article is another example.

    All your points are spot on, and hopefully, the TE owners out there will take heed.

    As you know, the variable timers has always been a volatile issue. It was even an issue (for me anyway) even before CTP Teams. Among the TEs that had the vault & keys and the mines, there would be one that had a significantly longer timer, which made efficient surfing more difficult. The 1- and 2-day upgrade promos to get shorter timers that some TEs have implemented on the days they have the mines/keys/daily challenge is a brilliant idea.

    Communication with referrals is also an issue that has been around for a long time. That’s one of the reasons why, back in the day, folks such as Tony Tezak always touted the use of squeeze pages and getting people onto your LIST. To have a way to be in touch when the TEs didn’t provide a way.

    The advent of teams is bringing these issues out to the forefront (once) again, and I wholeheartedly agree with your perspective.

    Ellyn 🙂

  • Ellyn: I agree with your observation in quotes.

    the 1- and 2-day upgrade promos to get shorter timers that some TEs have implemented on the days they have the mines/keys/daily challenge is a brilliant idea.

    And yes…the importance of growing your own list is critical. One of the things I do is encourage new sign ups at TE’s to get on my list. That way….not to sound too greedy but….they are all mine. LOL.

    Thank you for the excellent comments.


  • .

    Nick, you have covered all aspects and excellently presented in your write up …

    Its true that suddenly our daily routine has taken a turn to a new dimension!

    By reading your blog post, anyone would get a fair idea as to what all are
    happening these days, and how competitive we have become suddenly,
    apart from sharing, as well as, learning many new tricks and tactics of
    surfing and promoting…

    Some nascent energy has suddenly sprang up amongst all of us…

    ~ Raj


  • Great Post Nick!

    You know you can flip this around and say with all the new TE’s if you don’t get my attention I’m so outta here!

    I’m glad Jon and company attract the best TE’s.

    I must say I was hesitant at the start because I hate hate surfing! But now I can’t wait to see who is on the daily challenge!

    Cindy Schellenberg recently posted…Clicksia and Incentria ClosedMy Profile

  • WOW Nick… Wow… Well done post who can argue with any of the above. I’m very much in line of everything outlined. I really liked the credit price bit.

    Smaller TE owners should come down to earth on this point… Look if you got less then 10,000 truly ACTIVE members I promise you I’m only gonna be wow’ed to pay about 0.001-0.002 per credit, Yes TE Owners oh I calculate offers out. Legacy will often offer me 10k credits for $10.00. I pay this in a flash. Bedrock Surf is another one that gives me good deals. I may consider paying 0.002-0.003 per credit if I’m see good results, but I’m not as fast to act. Pretty much anything higher then that forget you, unless your really pulling in results for me, and I mean really.

    Seems you got me on it Nick. I’m going to bring up Lifetime upgrades. I carry lifetime upgrades at many, many TE’s, This don’t mean I don’t still spend for credits or other ad space on the site. I often laugh when I specifically ask for a lifetime deal, cash in hand and get denied? REALLY… WOW… Your doing really well to turn business away. Thousands of TE’s, and you expect me to take a monthly offer? (which I’m likely gonna cancel in a month or two) or a yearly upgrade (oh yes again I wont renew a second year)

    Should I get distracted, change focus or get better results outside the TE Industry which has happened to me before I disappear for awhile. Guess the first TE’s I revisit when I come back and have a little time. You guessed it the ones i have lifetime upgrades in.

    Even better deny me a lifetime offer which you’re likely gonna ask $77-$150 then turn around and break out a public deal to Kore4 members (which would be me) for $3.98… Really $3.98×12=47.76… $3.98×24=95.52. You could have just made a sale to me for $100.00. 2 years from now I’ll likely be on to the next great thing, heck next week/month i’ll be onto a equal or better source. You would have made more just offering me a Lifetime, and secured my future time use plus additional future sales.

    I suppose this strikes close to me at the moment, as I’m shelling out more money then I’ve ever spent in the TE Industry. You folks have to compete for every dollar I spend just FYI. Sorry TE owners that’s what you signed up for in a crowded industry competing for surfers time & money.

  • I guess I got you started Jeremiah…LOL….now that qualifies for a big time rant. Love it.


  • Thank you for a very nice point raising post Nick.

    I used to only look at things from a user’s perspective. Since I have been attending TELive and especially since CTP Teams (Go Lucky 13!!) I have learned to look at things from a TE/Program owners perspective as well – as best I can.

    The point you made about being able to contact your referrals was a very good point and is a very important topic. Jon Olson has tried to get it across to us how important it is for us to communicate with our downline. It is frustrating enough when your downline doesn’t respond, but it is even more frustrating when we can’t contact our downline at all because we are not given their email address.

    Thanks for your post!

    John Brewer

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