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Why Should I Read a Coaching Book?

Why Should I Read a Coaching Book?

Coaching is what other people do. Right?

Wrong! In some way or form we are all coaches, in the same way as we are all artist in this brave new online world we inhabit.

But this isn’t any coaching book: it’s the essence of what coaching is all about and by reading this book you can clean some very good habits to practice as a marketer.


This book is the work of Michael Bungay Stanier from a coaching company called Box of Crayons.

I first encountered the work of Michael Stanier years ago when the company I worked for tried to incorporate his work to bring coaching to the floor of Canada’s largest retailer.

All sales managers took a full day seminar with trainers from Box of Crayons.

And we practiced the 7 essential question for good coaching.

Unfortunately the corporate culture just wasn’t ready to fully embrace the coaching habit and what started out well turned into a terrible coaching routine that seem to do all the things this book tells you not to do.

So what can you learn from reading this book that you can apply to your business as internet marketers?

One of the impulses that gets most of us into trouble is to tell people we are helping how they should do something.

Our  think-we-know-the-solution habit gets in the way of discovering what the real problem is and getting that person to figure out how to help themselves.

Which brings us to the point of the book: say less ask more.

Instead of over thinking all the ways you can help an individual you just have to apply the Kickstart Question.


What’s on you mind?

CoachingThen shut up and listen. And bite your tongue as the temptation to give advice wiggles around in the back of your mind.

There are six other equally simple questions that gives you the parameters of a really awesome coaching session, but more to the point the book offers up a number of ways to use the information and practice the questions in various aspects of your business.


My favorite questions is “And what else.” Once you have some one talking it’s the greatest prompt question there is.

Instead of inserting your ego and start offering advice, this question keeps the individual talking and you listening.


Practice what you learn.

The whole point of reading a book like this is finding ways to put it into practice.

When reading any book in the back of your mind should be the question how can I put this into practice and then going out and doing just that.

I’m including a video here that I made from something I learned by reading the book.

Click this link to See More of My Videos On Nick’s Mind Set Marketing. Please like and share. 

So not only did I learn something but I also created a piece of content from what I learned.

I also experimented on my list using some of the ideas from the book, with interesting results.

How do to you learn and practice from the books you read?

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