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How to Make Your Lead Magnet Landing Page Captivating

How to Make Your Lead Magnet Landing Page Captivating

This week I want to talk about the next step: Creating an effective landing page to promote your lead magnet to grow your list.

Remember two weeks ago I wrote a post about writing your own lead magnet in under 2 hours.

So, it’s time to put the two together.

Unless you are a brilliant designer you want to take advantage of one of the many landing page builders available for you to use because this will make your job easier. Most are plug and play where you select the elements you want to use and build out your page from there. You are still left with design options but the programs help you maintain a professional look.

I use Landing Page Monkey almost exclusively because you can build a landing page quickly. They also, have a one shot price which means once you buy the program you’re done, you have everything you need. It’s also versatile and very easy to use.

View of Landing Page Monkey Dashboard

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The other landing page program I recommend is AdKreator which affords you a whole host of templates and backgrounds to use to create your landing pages. It does something landing page monkey doesn’t do, which is to allow you to create banners as. AdKreator is reasonably priced but because it’s a monthly subscription fee it does cost more than Landing Page Monkey.

AdKreator Dashboard

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Your landing page has two key elements:

The Landing Page

The Form

I want to start with the landing page itself.

Some landing pages have everything on one page while others use a two step or two page process.

While some tests suggest that the two step system generated more conversions, these are in no way conclusive.

There are pros and cons to both systems. Either way, if you don’t have the right elements on your landing page your conversions will reflect that in your results.

The Key Elements of a Landing Page.
Grab Attention.

1. There are more ways to do this than your might think. Stunning background photos. if you use Landing Page Monkey you have what amounts to an unlimited choice of back ground photos or videos. The most important point here is to keep you page as clean and simple as you can therefor you should resisted the temptation to get fancy. For a great source of free photo stock check out: Pixabay

2. Use an attention grabbing headline. I use Copy Blogger’s awesome headline creator tool to provide inspiration. Download it and keep it handy. It’s called “How to Write Magnetic Headlines” and you can get your copy HERE

3. Or use an attention grabbing logo. Logos are an important part of branding and as a result help you to standout. If you don’t have one I recommend you go to Fiverr to have one made for you. Depending on the Landing Page Creator you are using you might be able to use both.

Create Curiosity

1.  Create curiosity with your headline by asking an intriguing questions or suggestion.

Example: Do you know all 5 Methods for Rapidly Growing Your List?

No Doctors Medications

This is a sample of a landing page I’ve been working on. Because it’s about conquering the blues, I’ve also used the color blue on the page. My next step is to add a video.

2. Use a short auto-play video to entice your prospective subscriber to find out more. Video is your biggest tool for branding, building relationships, and using that curiosity hook to get them to want to find out more. Therefore you should learn to use video.

Clear Call To Action

1. Use a clear specific call to action. Look at the one I use above and the follow up one once the subscriber submits their info.

You can see here the call to action is to send them their first video.

Say away from using the overworked Call to Actions  like “Submit”, “Click Here” “Subscribe” because they don’t standout or draw attention. Try to be specific with your call to action.

2 Keep it Simple.

Don’t clutter your page.

Don’t use a lot of  fancy fonts.

Keep the form clean.

3. Ask For the Minimum Information.

Every time you ask form more information by adding a field (the space where you type in your info) you lose potential subscribers.

Most forms just call for name and email, though some only ask for email.

The drawback of only using email, comes when you start to follow up especially if you are trying to personalize an email. Without the name you can’t personalize.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tweak

Once you have your landing page done and in circulation, above all, don’t stop, start tweaking. Create a landing page that is slightly different and measure the results. Make one change at a time so you can measure the effect. As a result you will learn what tweaks work best.  This is easy to do in Landing Page Monkey by cloning your landing page and then creating a new page with the slight change, then add it into rotation using

Next week I will show you how easy it is to do that.


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