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How to Find Relevant Lead Magnet Topics

How to Find Relevant Lead Magnet Topics

How to find relevant lead magnet topics is critical to easily writing your report, checksheet or cheat sheet for your next attention grabbing lead magnet.

In my article: 10 Easy Tips for Writing Your Own Lead Magnet in Two Hours or Less, I touch on this topic.

Now I would like to dig a little deeper.

The First Place to Start:

First of all, a lead magnet is a bribe offering your potential customer or subscriber something they value and can use in return for their name and email address.

A lead magnet can be:

A report.

A video.

A checksheet

A cheat sheet

An e-book

A a short email series.

A short video course

A free seminar

The best place to start to find relevant lead magnet topics is your ideal customer profile.


If you go to by bog post Visualize Your Ideal Customer Now to Save Time and Money Later (The post included a free worksheet you can use to create your ideal customer.)

Your own experience is another great place to look for topics.

What were your initial struggles when you first started out in your niche?

Solving a Problem for Your Potential Customer

If you downloaded the worksheet on page six, there is an exercise to come up with 3 problems your customer is facing.

Each one of those problems is a potential lead magnet. The problems your ideal customer has are probably the same ones you had to solve when you started to work online.

Therefore, you are in your element. You are writing from your own personal and unique experience.

Writing about what you know is a comfortable starting place.

You may not consider yourself the next Ernest Hemingway but you can bet one of the first  pieces of advice he got was to write about what you know.

Other Places to Find Relevant Lead Magnet Topics

Do a Google Search for articles written about your topic. 

This is a goldmine filled with content often based on solving a customer problem.

Keep a list of ideas you find in these articles because you never know when you might need one.  Another good resource to use is the clip feature from Evernote.

Click this link to see a short demonstration.

Make sure to keep the link to the article so you can link back to it for social proof, or to thank the author for their inspiration.


“Nothing is original , so embrace influence, school yourself through the works of other, remix and reimagine to discover your own path.”

Source: From the cover page of Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon

This is one of my top ten most favorite books of all time.

Pay attention to question in the comment section of you favorite blogs.

If you aren’t following at least three blogs in your niche get out there and find 3 you love and subscribe to them.

Make a habit of reading them frequently.

Then read the comment section for questions people are asking.

Here is a sample of one blog I follow in my niche:

One place to find relevant lead magnet topics

A blog I follow in my niche

Discover where your people congregate

Where do people go to talk about your niche?

Facebook is an obvious choice, but don’t limit yourself to one social platform.  I follow many marketers and stop by to see what content they are publishing or what subjects are current.

How many thought leaders in your niche do you follow?

Due to this practice I am exposed  to a huge source of ideas where you can find relevant lead magnet topics.

This is an easy way to get plugged in to your topic.

Robin Sharma Facebook page

A Facebook page I follow.

A Google search can bring up any number of forums and meeting rooms where people meet to discuss your topic.

Don’t forget Skype group rooms are also a good source of ideas.

YouTube is another excellent source of ideas.

One caution. Beware of chat rooms. You are looking for places where you see serious discussion. Chats rooms can suck your productivity right out the window.

Find an Idea Bouncer

Find someone in your niche, some one a wee bit  more advanced than you if possible and meet with them once a week or so. If they aren’t local to you so you can take them for coffee, meet on line using Skype or Zoom.

Being able to talk about you niche, you own struggles and victories with someone is validating. And as a result you will  both generate a huge number of ideas from the exchange.


The sea of ideas for your niche is almost infinite.

Your own creativity is infinite.

Of course if you think you can’t create you won’t to paraphrase Henry Ford.

All that is required for you is to step into the infinite flow of ideas in your niche universe and your ability to find relevant lead magnet topics will expanse as you exercise and practice your art.

Nick Grimshawe


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