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4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Branding For New Internet Marketers Without Guru Size Budgets

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Branding For New Internet Marketers Without Guru Size Budgets


This article was inspired by a great article by Disha Dinesh a Content Writer at Godot Media. I highly recommend her article which you can find here:

I simplified things and put them in terms that would be more familiar to those starting out.
1.Learn to Use Influencer Marketing

While this may sound complicated it’s really quite simple, use your friends, fans, and leaders in your circle to spread the word about your content and what you are doing. It’s word of mouth on steroids.

As you grow learn how to reach out to the influencers in your niche to recognize their work while also getting their help in reaching beyond your own circle of influence. If you keep in mind that you work in a creative rather than competitive field, the help others are willing to extend to you will surprise you. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Remember one of the major differences working online: you are working in a creative environment not a competitive one. Sharing is true power


2. Accompany Social Media Posts with Powerful and Engaging Visuals

We now live in a highly visual world so images attract more attention than long lines of text.

To prove my point I found a very compelling info graphic here:

There are lots of resource to find images and size them correctly. See my resource list for this article here.


3 Re-purpose the Content that You Create in Multiple Formats

I’ve talked about this before. When I grew up way back in the 60’s I followed a writer name Harlen Ellison who suggested re-purposing anything you create 3 different ways. Back then that was a stretch…now for the brave new marketer you have enormous flexibility in re-purposing content. A YouTube video, A slideshow, an info graphic, a blog post, a podcast, with endless variations on the theme. Learn to master a couple of these formats.

As Seth Godin reminds us all, “we ar all artist” in the new economy.


4 Post When Your Audience is Active and Post More than Once

Have you ever watch a twitter feed?  If you go away for a couple of minutes and come back, you’ve missed 20 to 30 tweets. If your follower wasn’t on just as you posted chances are they missed it. So post often and more than once. There are lots of apps to help you do this.

Again see my recommended resources list for this article.

Finding the right time to post for your social platform is a simple Google search.

But don’t just take what you find for gospel, experiment. Perhaps you’ll notice something one of your mentors missed. Lots of impressive careers got their break doing just that.


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