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3 Fatal Traffic Driving Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

3 Fatal Traffic Driving Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid


Before you can drive massive traffic to your website you need to have three things in place, other wise, to quote Trump “it’s a disaster”.  You might think I’m stating the obvious, but I often get questions about driving more traffic from people who haven’t really figured out how to collect and use that traffic.

That should give you a clue to the first fatal mistake.


Not understanding the need to have a professional systematic approach to collecting the names and email address of people who may be interested in your message, and not having a system to build a relationship of trust with those precious names you’ve collected. That means you need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) that allows you to easily follow-up, and stay in communication with your customer. Obtaining one of these platforms (sometimes known as auto-responders) is essential to your success. The price for these programs range from free to expensive. And in this case free is not an option. Click here to see my recommended program.

Action Step:

Find and subscribe to a CRM or auto-responder right away. Ask around for recommendations if you aren’t sure what to use. This is one cost that should be part of every Internet Marketer’s Budget.


The next fatal mistake is not understanding the importance of promoting your list, and thus building a list for someone else. I made. this mistake often when I first started. I’d join an interesting program, promote it everywhere, and watch as the program owner grow their list. If something happened to that program you lost all those people who signed from your link.

To promote your list you need a lead magnet. I’ve borrow a definition from Digital Marketer .

Lead Magnet – noun – an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. The goal of the Lead Magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer. This can be a simple report, an eBook, an email series, and the good news is it doesn’t have to be your own work. There are tons of eBooks out there that make good lead magnets.

Creating or finding a good lead magnet is another post. 

Once you have that report or eBook you need a lead capture page, sometimes call a squeeze page, to show your offer and collect the name and email address customers give to get your free report. Without the CRM program or auto-responder you have no way to generate the sign-up form .

You can see one of my lead magnets here.

To create that landing page, I used a program called Landing Page Monkey.

Action Step:

Either write a report about your area of expertise or go out and find one you can use as a lead magnet and  offer it as a bonus for signing up to your list. A search on google for free Ebooks should give you plenty of resources.

Then create your landing page reading to send massive traffic to your offer.


The third fatal mistake is not understanding that to be successful you need to create a personal brand for your yourself. That means, finding a niche you feel comfortable in and sticking to it. It means giving your customers a means to identify you. A good logo, a professional photo and the use of your real name are just the beginning of creating your brand. Video is a great branding tool. The more people see you the more they begin to know like and trust you, the key elements to selling online.

Of course the whole topic of branding is huge. So become a student by reading books and articles.

Action Step:

Find someone to take a professional picture to use in your marketing.  Fiverr is a great source for finding low-cost logo design . Then add those elements including your name to your lead capture page.

Now that you can avoid making these 3 traffic driving mistakes, it’s time to go out and drive massive traffic to your landing page.

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