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My Life Sucks, How About Yours?

My Life Sucks, How About Yours?

I’m taking a bit of a risk with this title.

My point is that I could string you out a story of woe about my life, where I am in it,  and all the bad things that have happened to me, that would make you feel sorry for me, and maybe even make you try to help me feel better. I could lay on the blame and point my finger at all the horrible circumstances in my life and lay on a victim mentality like you’ve never seen before   But then so could you. So could we all.

When we were kids growing up in the big sprawling farm-house  we rented dirt cheap from the farmer who own the land, we lived well below the poverty line. Strangely it is only in retrospect that we see the poverty. At the time we had no idea we where poor. We all worked hard to put the food on the table. Mom and Dad made sure we all contributed. We always had the things that meant the most to us.

I loved science fiction. I found the way to come up with the money to keep four subscriptions funded to science fiction magazines. I worked and saved to buy paperbacks to feed my habit, and I found the money to buy stamps for my stamp collection. My sisters did the same.

If someone had told us we were poor, we wouldn’t have believe them.

It’s not a joke, folks, attitude really is everything.

Look at the world with a positive mind, take responsibility for your life, live with gratitude and  joy and love and laughter will be there for you.

Look at the world with a negative bend, blame others, and be miserly with gratitude, and like a mirror that image  reflects back at you.

It doesn’t mean blemishes won’t exist. Rain clouds will still darken the sky, but you will see that as a chance to nourish the earth, rather than the end of the world.

Wealth and success are relative terms. We all ready have all the wealth and success we can ever imagine. Your task is to see it.

That’s what growth, and change and personal development is all about.

It’s not to become a better you, but to discover the better you that all ready exists.

It’s not joke.

Change your attitude, change your life.




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