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Are You Having an Average Day?

Are You Having an Average Day?

One of the joys of working to improve yourself  is the moment two separate thoughts come together to spark a new idea or thought or insight. It’s a magical moment.

Today as I read the December o4 passage in The Maxwell Daily Reader: 365 Days of Insight to Develop the Leader Within You and Influence Those Around You. I came across these words:

“Most moments in life become special if we treat them that way.” John C Maxwell

His words immediately reminded me of the famous line from Dan Millman’s classic work: Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives.

In that book a young Dan Millman goes  out to meditate until he has something of value to tell his mentor, Socrates. Dan goes to a flat rock that Socrates has directed him to where he sits for hours until he finally comes up with something that he might get by Socrates. Socrates listens to his insight and sends Dan right back out to the rock to meditate some more. Dan returns to Socrates at midnight with his next insight but Socrates again sends him out to meditate some more. Finally hours later, having let got of trying to create an answer to satisfy Socrates he comes to  this insight:

“There are no ordinary moments.”

I recall when I first read those words a little tingle of excitement ran up and down my spine. I knew Dan’s words conveyed  a deep and resounding truth.

Now come back to John Maxwell where he says “The average day is average only because we don’t make it something more.”

We have the power to turn each of our extraordinary moments into ordinary ones when we don’t pay attention, when we dull ourselves down through fear, or ignorance. When we think we don’t deserve, or believe the lies others tells us, or most damaging of all,believe the lies we tell ourselves, that we are not extraordinary or that we are not capable of extraordinary feats.

We change all that when we decide to believe that we are extraordinary, that every moment of every day is a precious gift, that comes alive when we understand that all we need to do is to bring to the surface that which is the best in us today.

And what is the best in you? Only you understand that…no one can judge your effort or say that you fell short. Not even you.

If you truly believe: “there are no ordinary moments” you won’t have any and you will always strive to bring what is best in you now, into this extraordinary moment.


Nick Grimshawe

PS Part 3 of The 2014 Planning Workshop will continue next week. I will post the time on the calendar here and notify you when I set the time.



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