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Mice Nuts and Buffalo Balls.

Mice Nuts and Buffalo Balls.

I work hard to follow a daily routine that I’ve formulated from reading and listening to leaders in the self-development world plus local  ( a strange term to use in online business) teachers who share a consistent message on how to succeed online and I put Jon Olson right up there at the top.

My life began to change over eight years ago, as I began to absorb ideas and methods from a range of people I respected and admired. At first I simply copied one or another of these thinkers and began my first faltering steps in developing a daily routine.

Then I began to get selective. I picked routines and habits from various teachers, that I thought would work for me and fused them into something uniquely mine.

Developing a meditation habit came first. Other habits followed. I began to morph from a victim to a more self-directed person who began to glimmer that I did indeed have control over my life and that yes…I truly am responsible for my conditions.

Then about a year ago I started attending TE live and listening to Jon Olson on a consistent almost daily basis.

I worked on one plus-ing (spell check doesn’t like that word) it every day.

My online business stats began to improve from dismal to bad to not too bad to fair to better.

Along the way I install some new habits first ones outside of my direct work environment.  Before I even touch the computer each day I have a number of habits that get me ready to work which include, meditation, exercise, reading and journaling.

Then when I sit down at the computer , habits  I’ve developed over the last year kick in.

As these habits developed so did my online business. At first this was frustratingly slow. But I stuck it out.

Results improved some more.

My September results smoked.

October got off to a flying start.

So this morning as I looked at my daily income target I realized I needed to start aiming a little higher.

In the process of figuring out a new target a nasty little thought popped into my brain.

“Nick you’ve just had a lucky couple of days.”

It’s the wedge of self-doubt that can cripple you if you don’t spot it: if you don’t immediately challenge these creepy self-negating thoughts.

Do you do that? Have you ever caught yourself doing that.

I caught that thought this morning, it was only a momentary worming of impression through the grey matter, but I spotted it.

Then I challenged the thought.

Only moments before Robin Sharma’s email arrived with these very words in the second sentence .

“Success doesn’t have much to do with luck, coincidence or even natural talent.”

Those results didn’t just happen. I worked hard to build connections and relationships. I worked hard to be “at the right place at the right time” .

I sweated my habits. I built a consistent routine I follow day in and day out in spite of all the temptations, all the distractions.

Don’t mitigate your successes by attributing them to some other coincidental power…like lady luck.

You worked for it you take the credit.

Now to a fellow like Jon Olson…one of the co-owner of the Tim Tech empire…my success might seem like mice nuts to him…but to me they are buffalo balls…and I’m not letting ANYONE convince me other wise.


Nick Grimshawe



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