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Nick’s Mindset Marketing Show: Interview with Tim Hanson

Nick’s Mindset Marketing Show: Interview with Tim Hanson

I’ve wanted to interview Tim Hanson for a long time. I love his marketing style, and especially his email series which I think is the best in our community.

Tim proved receptive to the idea. We exchanged some information. I sent Tim a list of questions I wanted ask allowing him time to do some prep work.

Meshing our schedules turned out to be our biggest challenge.

We finally managed to get together to record the video interview below.

This is Tim’s first interview, and my first time using Zoom as my platform.

I’m excited to shared Tim’s thoughts on marketing and give you a glimpse inside the mind that created the content for his dynamic email series.

Below the video in the resource section., I include a link for you to sign up to Tim’s list if you are not a member yet.

Tim and I are both looking forward to your opinions.



If you have any questions  or comments for Tim please put them into the comment section below.

Resource Section For this Post.

To join Tim’s List click the link below. 

Become a Master of Free Advertising

Tim created his business without a website or a blog.

He used an autoresponder to build his business.

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To tape this interview I use Zoom. This is an awesome , easy to use platform for your business. It simultaneously records your video as well as a separate audio, all of which you can easily upload to YouTube or Facebook. Both the video and audio live on your computer, so you won’t loose the records if Zoom disappears. This isn’t an affiliate link.

To register for you own Zoom room click the link below.


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