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How Do You Plan to Shape Your Future?

How Do You Plan to Shape Your Future?


I read this quote this morning as I was preparing for my day.

“Too many people believe that the future is a fixed point that we’re powerless to change. But the reality is that the future is created every day by the actions of people.”  Brian David Johnson.


I wanted to share this with you because it fits so tightly to my philosophy: That you create your day, and your future, by your actions today. Be  proactive today by working on your vision of your personal future (your dream) or  let the currents of time whisk you along on a journey you feel powerless to influence.

Which one feels better?


Which one is harder?


What are you willing to pay today, to live your vision tomorrow?



Write about your feelings, and your answers in your journal or in Ever note or One Note or what ever form  you are comfortable with.

Then make sure your actions today, fit strategically with that vision.




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