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Communities of Belief

Communities of Belief

The title sounds like I’m going to talk about religious communities or faith-based organization but really I want to talk about our online communities and the powerful boost they can give to individual online business owners ( an I include affiliate marketers as business owners) .

The idea for this post comes from this quote:

“People might be skeptical about their ability to change if they’re by themselves, but a group will convince them to suspend disbelief. A community creates belief.”

Source :The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg


Working online means that we largely work alone, though we have vehicle of connection, like chats inside of Traffic Exchanges and Skype Chat rooms that ameliorate that sense of working alone. The challenges of building a business are magnified when you  work in isolation, though that is also one of the rewards of owning an online  business. Staying engaged, staying focused, maintaining a consistent effort  to work toward a goal in isolation is difficult.

But there are communities here that help turn disbelief into a belief that success is possible. Getting people to these communities where they can see others who have succeeded,  instills the belief that they to can do it.

The two communities I passionately embrace as the top places to go to on a regular basis are:

TE Live  Weekdays at 4 Pm EST

Jon Olson is the lead in TE Live and I credit his persistence of vision on how to succeed on-line to my ability to stay the course through thick and thin and begin to see result and belief that I can actually make money online. The people who attend this session every weekend day are the true leaders of this community, and all are willing to help others reach the same level of success. Everyone is welcome to hang out.


The Legacy Hour  Tuesdays at 6 pm EST

The Legacy Hour is completely different. The three owners of the Legacy Group, Marcus Wahl, Rodney Hage , and Ken Locatelli, get together each week to fill everyone in on what is going on in their programs…but it is much more than that. Their interaction coupled  Marcus’ ability to generate interaction with other members creates a belief  that success is possible in this crazy world of online marketing and that it is fun and rewarding. If three people who have never met in  person are so successful at what they do…well you can do it to.

In different ways both programs help us all to believe that we can do it to. Both programs talk about the practical action to take while encouraging questions and suggestions in a forum that creates a community of belief for all of us to take part in and find the inspiration to challenge ourselves to grow and ultimately to find success in this business.

Both will openly welcome you.  See you there in chat.

Of course there are many more such communities online. I’d love to hear about those that have helped you believe in yourself.


Nick Grimshawe



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