How to Collect Credits for Safelist and Mailers Efficiently

Collecting Credits for Safelist and Mailers

Since one of the methods I use to build my list is to use top converting safelist and mailers, I need to collect credits efficiently so that I can use that mailer to send out my message as many times as possible.

Let’s face it. We can’t possibly be upgraded in all those Mailers and Safelist. We need to be judicious it what ones we choose to upgrade in and to stay within our budget.

Best practices for using Safelist and Mailers

Best practices for using Safelist and Mailers is to set aside a time each day to collect enough credits for your top converting mailers and safelists. I usually schedule this toward the end of my day. The beginning of my day is used for creative work when I am still fresh and alert.

I send emails to safelists and mailers every day.  This gives me a constant flow of new names to my list.


Thanks to Clare Bowen at Harmony Mails (a top converting mailer for me), I discovered this neatly feature in Gmail that speeds up the process.  See >>>My Best List Building Tools for March 2018

I made a video to show you a way of collecting credits for safelist and mailers using this feature on Gmail.


I also included a quick note on how to use Linkclump. You can find the extension in the chrome store.

For a more detailed review I wrote an article on it which you can read >>>Here

Okay, that’s it for collecting credits for safelist and mailers.

The other top converting mailer I mentioned is Tezzer Mails. For a full list of my top converting safelist and mailers,>>> click here

Do you have any other tips for collecting credits for safelist and mailers that you can share with our readers?

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  • Hi Nick

    That’s a great tip from Clare..I’ve been using for awhile.

    Couple of other things I do to speed things up is to filter the messages. I know some people create a folder for each mailer but I have one folder for all safelist/mailer emails..then within that I create a folder for the emails where I know I need to click to get enough credits to mail..I also have a folder for Darren Olanders mailers which makes it easy to claim his monthly bonus code!

    Second tip is to select all emails then click on ‘more’ and ‘mark all as read’
    Click the email and credit link then press # on the keyboard and the email is deleted
    Or you can select all emails again and click on delete or press # to quickly delete

    Hope those make sense…typing this quickly on my iPad before I go out!

  • Hi Keith,

    Great to hear from you. I just stumbled over Clare’s tip because it’s just one hyperlinked line but it certainly helps. Thanks for the other tips. I don’t bother with folders because I can so easily pull up what I want, but I will try your other suggestions.


  • I have all my mailers filtered. Each mailer has its own header.

    Also when clicking for credits. I right click the link and choose “Open link in new tab” then delete the email and move on to the next. I never leave gmail until I have the right amount of credit links open.

  • Hey Alfred, Good to hear from you. Great tips to share with my readers here. Working consistently with the top converting mailers makes a big difference in your results.



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