Come On It’s Wednesday, You Need This

This post is more in the form of an announcement rather than a post about some aspect of online business or a particular idea around self-development.

Some of you may know that I publish a newsletter called Beautiful Summer Morning Newsletter.

The name comes form a certain morning in my youth that opened all the doors of possibility at once for me, a sort of quantum moment long before all the work on  quantum physics began to bear its magical discoveries.   The moment actually remained buried and inaccessible to me for the longest time.

About 8 or 9 years ago I went through a particularly bad moment in my life when it seemed that all I’d touched had failed and I was at a lost to figure out my next step or how to move on.

Through a series of  serendipitous “accidents” I became aware of this spectacular summer morning as I woke up, totally in the moment. I can remember all the sounds, smells, feelings, everything that flowed through me with such clarity and intensity of a vivid painting. I can still hear my mother’s voice calling up from the kitchen that breakfast was ready. I remember laying there totally caught up in this stunning awareness, that today was mine to make, to create, and a thousand options floated before me.

Though all the years after, unconsciously I tried to uncover the meaning of that  crystal vision which put me on the path of spiritual seeking that has never left me, and which has filled my life with splendor and magic, even as I experienced that really difficult time I alluded to above.

From the rediscovery of our unlimited potential, I finally understood my life purpose. And the journey ever since then has been about living up to and fulfilling that purpose.

I know that sounds a bit grandiose but the reality is quite a bit different.

In the process  I discovered the world of on-line business and  the possibilities that the world of the internet made available.

I’ve spent the last 6 years thrashing around.

In the last year I have attempted to marry the online business side of things with  my passion to inspire others. Slowly, painfully the beginning of a synthesis has occurred.

I am passionate about the idea of developing or creating a daily practice of practical self-development ideas imbued with a large dose of what I call personal spirituality: a sort of pantheistic mix of religious thought and spiritual teachings that resonate on a personal level for each of us.

Around that passion is a desire to at least encourage people to consider that time spent on themselves is never wasted or selfish, that doing the work to rediscover just how unlimited your potential is, is the work, that in small steps, one human being after another, we really can lift the climate of this planet in which we all must live out our lives.

Now that goes way beyond what I planned to say to introduce to you a project I’ve been working on for at least two years.

That project I call Wednesday Videos, which are short inspirational videos that arrive in my subscribers’ in-boxes once a week each Wednesday. By short I mean between two and five minutes long. Some are longer but very few. I know people have busy lives and that short videos have a better chance of you  watch them.

Yesterday I added four more videos taking me to 53 videos now in the series, enough to last  over a year. And I will be adding more.

I would like you to become a subscriber.

There is no charge and no advertising except to offer you other lists you might be interested in but this is very unobtrusive.

Below is the subscription form.

I would like to acknowledge here that the program I used to create my list of videos is astounding. It’s not like I created this all by myself, however it aligns perfectly with my purpose to inspire you to seek your unlimited potential, and to find the celebration and joy that comes with walking the path of personal discovery with humility and grace.

I look forward to having your company.











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