Not to long ago a very good friend of mine passed away. She was a wonderful woman who I really felt deeply connected to. While we didn’t live close to each other, when we did get together it was like a family gathering and we shared the gift of laughter.

Hearing about a connection lost, you become aware of the flow of the universe as connections are made and lost and hopefully, at some point, made again.

People touch our lives in so many ways that part of fully living is to understand , appreciate (no matter what the circumstances), and to give thanks for all those beautiful connections that so richly endow our lives.

In business of course, connections are the currency of success.

It’s a big mistake to believe, because we work on-line, that connects are less important or more tenuous.

Perhaps because we haven’t looked that person in the eye or touched hand to hand we might think they are less rich or less real.

But that’s not true, is it?

When we take a moment out of our task driven days and reflect for a moment upon the gifts those on-line connections bring us every day.  Tt doesn’t matter much that they are not flesh and blood real.

One of the most beautiful things I ever saw was the way neural connections are made inside our brains. The video was part of a seminar I attended over four years ago. In the video the slender tendrils waved back and forth slowly searching for a connection to other tendrils also swaying back and forth, and then to witness that special moment when one tendril finds another, makes a link, creating part of a new neural network.

Our work on-line isn’t that much different.

We reach out, put out feelers, and magically connections form, relationships develop, and a richness follows as reward.

Your job as an artist (in the new economy that is what you are), is to seek out those connections, and create (see art) those special relationships that enhance our lives and our business in ways we cannot imagine when the first tentative overtures ( music, art) take place.

Remember too, not to judge them, good or bad, productive or non productive, pleasant or unpleasant. Instead give thanks for the lessons they bring, the growth that happens magically with each new connection.

Treasure, bless them, seek them out, and most of all be mindful of them and share your gratitude with them.

Then watch your business grow, your life expand, and develop a richness you so deeply deserve for work well done.



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  • It’s like the story of life after death, we live on, in others minds, that cared about us long after we are gone. The things we did or didn’t do, the emotions we felt, together, the fears and accomplishments that made our lives so great.

    Oh yes, online friends are special people, those that lead us to the pot of gold, and those that lead us astray, they showed us how it works, or kept on us, when we failed, to keep us going, yes we are worth it…

    Being in NLP has help me se people in different light, and give meaning to each one of them…. thanks for being my special friend…

  • I know what it’s like to loose a someone close. I lost my husband some years back when my little boy was only a baby

  • Steve, Beautifully written and said. There again, a special connection, we talk on Skype, communicated in emails, but have never met, and yet, it is like we have. Thank you for being such a supportive friend.


  • Hi Christine, thank you. I am sorry for that wonderful connection lost and pray that it is found again.


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