Consistency of Action Equals Certainty of Results

Consistency of Action Equals Certainty of Results

Consistency of Action

Internet Marketing Lesson 7


The title of this report is my honestly held mantra, that if you are consistent in your actions on a daily basis, you will see results.

Part of being successful as an internet marketer, is your willingness to grow personally and spiritual. It’s not just about learning the mechanics of internet marketing is about learning the mechanic of your own personality and soul.

When you look at successful people, overwhelmingly they have some form of personal growth and development scheduled into their daily routines. A high percentage of them read consistently in their chosen field or  read books on how to development the personal skills and attitude they need to succeed.

The largest consumers of personal development products, seminars, webinars and the like are business owners.

I believe to be successful you need to model the behaviors of the most successful among us.

While I talked at length about some of the mechanics of Internet Marketing, I reserved this last email to encourage you to move into a mindset of personal growth and development. I devote a lot of what I do to this side of the success equation. When I do workshops, seminars, and talks I focus on the power of opening yourself to that which is within you to call it forth to help you be the best that you can be.

I recorded a video talking about the broad outline of  living by design. It’s called. “5 Barriers to Achieving Your Goals.” You can register for your copy here

I’m not just another marketer, here to teach just the mechanics, I am also here to inspire you to reach beyond your limiting beliefs to explore a world of unlimited possibility and miracles, to live your live with intention, not by default.


Over the last week we covered:

How to get started in internet marketing and what that is.

The Myth of Easy Money

Branding and Relationship building

Creating the basics of your business


And finally, consistency of action equals certainty of results.

I invite you now to go to my website and explore what I have to offer.

Go to the start here section for directions for your first steps.

Remember one step at a time.

Remember I am here to help you succeed.

It is after all part of my personal mission.

And as I have encouraged you all along,

Dream Big, Live Inspired.
Nick Grimshawe

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