How to Exercise Your Dream Building Muscles

Dream building ought to be a required skill for child raising. Helping grow and support a new dream in a young mind brings with it a deep sense of reward not just for the parent but for the world itself.

A suitcase full of dreams

Not only should it be a key parental focus, but it ought to be the cornerstone of any educational system.

Dream Building

It is a task we should all be fully engaged in. Not just any dream but the biggest dream that we can dream.

Somewhere, however we go from having no concept of failure to having an intense fear of failure that starts to paralyze our ability to dream big.

As a child learning to walk for the first time, you never had the thought: “What if I fail?”

We had no concept of the right way to walk, or whether our tottering efforts looked ridiculous.

We don’t get frozen in mortal fear of what others will think of our walking skills. If we fall, that slows us down only briefly, before we are up at it again.

A child's first steps I remember the look of total joy that came over my niece when she took her first solo steps. She entertained no thought about how she looked, just that she was doing it.

How do we recapture that fearlessness we had as young children?

How do we start dream building again?

One way is to surround ourselves with big dreamers. If you know someone like that personally great. However, reading, listening and watching those bigger than life dreamers works just as well.

Elon Musk is one of the biggest dreams of our modern world. Tesla , Space X, Hyper-loop, Landing Humans on Mars.

I include this video here because it is an example of what happens when you dare to dream big.


Learning to land the Falcon 9 rocket back on earth was a goal from a big dream. They failed four times until they had their first successful landing on a barge out at sea. Now they land back on earth as in this video.
This goal of landing a rocket back where it launched means that the cost of doing business goes down, which means more profitable launches. Moreover, the knowledge learned moves the company closer to a dream of putting a human being on Mars.
Your dream is a tangible step toward your intangible goal.
So you say, “Nick, I’m just trying to earn a little money to help out the family budget. I’m not aiming to go to Mars.”
My question back to you is this: “Suppose, just suppose you could turn that little bit of money into a full time income that could liberate you from a 2 hour commute and a stressful job?”
Would that be a good thing?
Yea buts.
Perhaps a whole number of yea buts came up for you. Yea buts are the , I can’ts, or how can I, or where is the, I don’t have.
In dream building yea buts aren’t important.
Yea buts are addressed as you tackle some possible goal congruent to your dream. As you chunk down to smaller and smaller steps that work you toward achieving your dream, your yea buts die away as you concentrate of small daily achievable tasks, that move you closer to your dream.
Coming Soon: 2018

Coming soon 2018

The real purpose this post is to start the process of building out your plan for 2018.
Dream building is a process that doesn’t all happen in a day.
There is the Dream, the goals and the targets set against specific dates, and the daily routines that make it all happen.
My goal is to show you how that all fits together in an easy to use formula.
All things begin with the dream.
How to start building your bigger dream.

Dream building means to open doorways where none existed

It is a simple process that leads to great things.
It’s about writing out some lists. Nothing hard.
1.  To know what you want it’s a good idea to start with want you don’t want. So start with that list.
List out all the things you don’t want in your life.
2. Next start a list of what you do want. At first simply list what you want instead of what you put on your first list.
For example if you said you don’t want any more debt, put on your want list you want to be debt free. There are many versions of this, what do you love, is another good title for your list. Later you might want to start adding lists. For example I’m creating a list of all the things I would like my permanent home to be like and have here in Panama. That list then becomes part of my big hair audacious dream. But for now work on just one list.
Revisit your list often, adding new items as they come to mine. Doing this helps you begin to grow a bigger dream.
Important Note:
“What you focus on expands.”
Source: Buddha 
Once you’ve created your second list, take that first list, the one about what you don’t want and destroy it in some way. Burning is always a good symbolic way of getting rid of all those negatives. You want to focus all you energy on that second list or lists. To think about what you don’t want just brings that thing you are thinking about toward you.
Focus on your second list here on out.
If you do just these two steps you are on your way to being further ahead that most Americans.
“According to the best research, less than 3 percent of Americans have written goals, “
Source Brian Tracy
My goal with this series of post is to  help you build the biggest dream you can in the moment, and then write out  some short term goals you want to accomplish from that dream.
The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.
Source: Joseph Campbell
Do you have written goals?
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  • So powerful examples of people with audacious dreams! But dreamers with a road map may live next door to us, or we may be friends online. All we have to do is pay attention and ignore the noise. The more aware we are of them, the more mental barriers we’ll break to dream bigger and to drop our own “yea buts”. Thanks for a wonderful blog post, Nick!
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