Ever Note How Difficult It Is to Stay Organized: Indispensable Tool # 4

Indispensable Tool # 4


I’ve fallen head over heals in love with this tool over the last month or so. It’s installed on my smart phone where I’ve used it to take quick notes, and camera shots of info I wanted to keep and refer to for over a year.  Since my smart phone goes wherever I go, it’s indispensable for those clear moments of cognition, when the idea of a life time flashes through your mind and you are out in the desert with nothing for a 1000 miles in each direction, and no pen or paper in sight.

But then I installed it to both computers I use and it’s power simply exploded.


Evernote (Photo credit: /Sizemore/)

There are other data collection and organizing tools out there the most obvious one is One Note a  Microsoft product which I’ve also used and which is not in the same league when it comes to organization.

In Evernote you organize everything in folders called notebooks, and with in each note-book you add notes. It’s quick and easy to add notebooks and notes, use a camera to take a picture of what you want to note plus a thousand other tools to use to enhance what you are doing.

The first thing I do every morning when I sit down to work is open Evernote on my desktop computer and open a new note under my To Do List note-book. Then I create my To Do List for the day. It has this neat little icon which when clicked adds a check box, making it easy to check off items you’ve completed. And in the screen view I use (You can design the way your Evernote page looks) you can also see in a side bar other To Do Lists you’ve created to see if there is something you need to carry over from one day to the next.

A simple click moves you quickly between notebooks.

But that’s not all you can do.

There is a handy clipping tool to grab things from online and put directly into the correct notebook for safekeeping and review.  since I’m constantly getting ideas, and finding great quotes, and interesting material I want to come back to  I find it invaluable, and printing from a note is quick and easy and you don’t pick up all the clutter you might when you try to print from a blog or article.

You can also set reminders that arrive in you email to let you know a task or a project is due.

You can make webcam notes as well.

And you can take one of your photos and quickly annotate using a very simple interface that allows you to do some amazing things.

And there is  a more I haven’t discovered yet I’m sure. That’s part of the fun…finding new ways to use this handy tool.

The other benefit of Evenote is its syncing software that makes sure your information is available on any platform you are using.

You get a very generous upload for 60MB per month and there is an option for a ton more storage through a premium upgrade for $5.00 a month. The power of the cloud.

For keeping me organize and my desk clutter free, there is nothing like it. Add it to your list of indispensable tools you use to boost your own productivity. As an online business owner or affiliate marketer you need it.




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