Get the Cure for T.E.S.O!

The Cure for T.E.S.O

T.E.S.O is a new virulent disease know to discourage many affiliate marketers from finding success. The new term recently coin by surf weary participants stands for Traffic Exchange Surfing Overload. If you are spending endless hours surfing for pennies and sometimes zip, here is a cure that comes in an easy to operate device proven to ease muscle aches and pains in the fingers and joints of the hand you use for surfing.

It’s called TE Pays. It’s the brain child of Blain Jones and Shane Boost of Newfire Marketing. Can you spell Site Explosion?

Well this program is an explosion of a different magnitude. Only six traffic exchanges to surf, which makes a nice concise downline builder. There are no endless hours of surfing required. And it’s designed to get you into to profit quickly while helping you do that horrible thing called …that’s right…list building. That last part is unique and invaluable to your future success with other programs you might want to promote. So with one stone you promote and program and build your list. Key. Key. Key.

Now it does required investment, so it’s not really a free program. (don’t get me going on  expecting to build a business without investing). The first month is free, then ten dollars a month after that. There is also an upgrade opportunity I recommend to get the  full impact of the program. There is auto responder integration that takes a wee bit of time to set up, but not difficult and well worth the effort to grow your list.

Plus you can personalize it my recording a short video on YouTube and putting in the URL. Tip…keep the video under 45 secs.

You can also buy credits to get hits to your affiliate link a big help if you lack resources to surf, or places to advertise online.

Then its drive, drive, drive traffic to your link.

Everyone in TE land needs this. So let’s see the biggest TE which is also part of this program, EasyHits4You, has over 1,000,000 subscribers so there is lots of field out there to go plant your affiliate URL.

Here is the link.  TE Pays


As always I’m here to help with set up, questions, getting set up and started.


Remember Dream Big, Live Inspired.


Nick Grimshawe

Add me to Skype: nicknick90.

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