Getting Started with Leased Ad Space What Are the Most Important Points

Getting Started with Leased Ad Space What Are the Most Important Points

Driving Website Traffic

Leased Ad Space Lesson One

The number one reason for promoting the benefits of this site and how to use it effectively is the programs strength in driving traffic to your website. There is a side benefit of 100% commission payout as people joining the program under you and this can help pay for later upgrades at the site but I am getting ahead of myself.

Lets start off  with the $7 dollar offer.

This one time payment of $7 dollars powers this program. In order to get the high quality traffic here you need to pay the one time  payment which gets you 1 solo ad every 28 days, 4000 text ad impressions and 8,000 banner impressions and 1 Permanent text ad in our classified ads directory. Which means every 28 days for a lifetime you get to send out one solo ad to the entire membership.

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First Tip

Don’t try to wing it when you get logged in to this program. Follow the directions and watch the videos or you will get yourself in trouble right away.

It’s not that set is difficult but it is different from just about everything else you’ve seen.

The instruction videos on the site are excellent so I won’t try to make my own.

The first step after you take the site tour is setting up your advertising. Your Text ad, Banner Ad and your Solo Ad.

When you sign up you agree to receive emails from member solo ads. You don’t have to view more than 14 ads to be qualified to send your solo ad out.

Second Tip

Make sure you use a separate gmail account set up to receive these emails. This way you don’t flood your regular email account with ads.

If you are not familiar on how to do this I recommend you watch The Best Instruction Video for Using G mail Accounts for Safelist and Mailers.

Once you have done all that and followed the directions to purchase your first package you will be able to add your Text Ad, Banner Ad and Solo Ad.

So for a one time payment of $7 dollars you get to send a life time solo ad to the rapidly growing list of members every 28 days. (You simply cannot beat that price.)

Remember if you need help let me know at and I help out with a screen shot or screen shot video.

For the first week or so I recommend you just get really familiar with the site and not run off promoting it until you feel comfortable enough to explain some of the feature to a new person.

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Later in this series I will have some tips on who you should market this side too and why.

One of the beauties of using this site is that everywhere you look you will see member ads even on their signup page. That means lots of pages, and hundreds of eyes on you ad. I am going to explain in another report why these ads are so important so be sure to what for the notification emails I will send out to you.

When you are feeling comfortable and satisfied that the site is providing you with good value I suggest you use one of the splash page programs to create your own advertising pages rather than using the ones set up in Leased Ad Space. You want to make sure you marketing stands out from the crowd, and there is a crowd out there now for this very popular site.

Tomorrow I will send out your next lesson on Leased Ad Space.

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