black duck Or if a Duck could swear it wouldn’t just say Quack

On Monday in Te Live Jon Olson announced the re launch of Sweeva. On Monday…check the video folks, he called Sweeva the Black Duck of the TimTech TE’s. Lights go off, bells ring…I know…I will celebrate Black Duck Day during the new Sweeva launch. But oh no. A day out boating and all is forgotten.

Fast forward to Wednesday’s TE Live….nada…he, Jon Olson, called Sweeva the black sheep.. duh… how ordinary. When I reminded him in chat….blankness…a wave of his hand and a …whatever.

Crushed but not defeated you can still get on board my promo.

Sign up to my list below…then watch for the black duck which will appear in an upcoming email. The first three people to tweet with the hash tag #iseeablackduck will win 10,000 XP, that’s along with your chance to win 50,000 XP in early August when Jon Olson will pull a name from the brown bag full of new subscribers who joined my list from JUNE 26TH  to July 31 2014. (You must confirm your subscription to be entered into the draw).

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Ten Memorable Quotes From John C Maxwell

Ten Memorable Quotes From John C Maxwell

John C Maxwell stands with the greats in personal development literature. He’s written over 50 books on the subject.

If you are an online marketer you’ve probably read or listened to some of his books.

My personal favorite is probably The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential

Since John C gives us just a wealth of content I thought I’d extract some of my favorite Maxwell quote to see if they spark something with you.

All it takes is one idea, one false belief changed, or words that inspire you to greater action, to change your world and mine.

Below the quotes I’ve included a poll.  Please take a moment to participate.

1 John C Maxwell on Learning 

2 John C Maxwell on Purpose


3 John C Maxwell on Creativity


4 John C Maxwell on Growth


5 John C Maxwell on Failure

6 John C Maxwell on Time

7 John C Maxwell on Adversity

8 John C Maxwell on Consistency

9 John C Maxwell on Service

10 John C Maxwell on Life


I hope you enjoyed the quotes.

Which one was your favorite? Answer the Poll.

What is your favorite John C Maxwell Quote from this blog post?

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