How One Assumption Suppressed Traffic to My Website

The graphic below shows the change in my traffic to my blog. On the left side of the center line is my traffic while I still used the Automatic blog notification available at Rocket Responder. On the right side of the center line is my traffic after I stopped using the automated blog notification.

This is not to criticize Tim Tech or Rocket Responder. I recommend Rocket Responder especially if you are new and not familiar with using an autoresponder. I suggest you go kick the tires because they give you a free trail. Click the link to go investigate further: Rocket Responder.

I hope you enjoyed the video. I’d love to get your comments. Please include them in the comment section below.


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  • Excellent blog post Nick! I don’t use Rocket Responder, and I don’t have the feature to automatically send out a broadcast when there’s a new post on my blog.

    You know, when I was a really new blogger, I actually tried to mimic creating a template to send out when I published new blog posts. I gave up on the idea after a while, because I rarely have an email sent out which only lets my subscribers know there’s a new article on my blog.

    But something similar happens to me, and not that rarely: to write emails just to communicate some information like a robot, and not to relate to the PERSON reading it.

    I learned a lesson from this, which in my case means to stop writing emails when I’m tired (because then I tend to be like a robot instead of a human).

    Now all I have to do is change my routine… again, and we’ll see if it’s better.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…How To Market To Sub-Niches Of Traffic ExchangesMy Profile

  • Hi Adrian, I hear what you are saying. Some Automation is good, but we’d better be sure its use to optimize something other than our point of human connection. When we start to automate our blog notifications and other points of interaction we are stepping away from our obligation to remember at the other end of the email, blog post, or marketing message is another human being seeking growth and opportunity.

    One of my key principles is to do all the challenging stuff which includes how best to interact with my audience, at the beginning of the day, and I save all the routine stuff for the end of the day. And as a rule, I close my office door, metaphorically at least, at 8 PM.

  • Awesome Nick.

    Yes, we have to remember sometimes that automation is NOT a good thing.

    Sometimes, especially when starting out, you need to do the things that don’t scale. Don’t depend on a canned auto responder series. If you only have 50 people on your list, write them all an individual mail. Yes, you wont be able to do that when there are 5,000 people on your list, but if you want to get to 5,000 people, then give the personal attention now that will set you apart.

    Any opportunity to make something “canned” into something “your own” is always a good thing.

  • Thanks Matthew for taking the time to visit my site. I agree automation is great in the right conditions, but human contact means just that, connect as one human being to another. No automated system can really duplicate that.


  • Hi Kerri thanks for taking the time to comment. The results are well not surprising but understandable. I went from a canned “I’ve blogged again” to the work of creating emails to entice people to come on over to read my article. It requires a lot more thought and effort, but I’ll let you in on a secret. I am loving the challenge of creating those emails each week and I’m excited to talk about what I’ve posted.


  • Tough watching this and reading it. But it’s good to know something we thought as a useful feature might actually be hurting more than helping. We will improve. We will get better. Sorry we let ya down Nick.

  • Hi Jon. Now I will have to go back threw what I said. I just wanted to bring to peoples attention that we sometimes assume things and miss their implications. For some people the feature is valuable because they don’t like to write , are not sure what to say in an email and this feature give them away around that. The point is I made the decision to use the feature without really thinking it through for me. And when it was pointed out that if I actually wrote the emails, and you know I love writing, that I could pull more traffic to the site, and that’s I did. And turns out I love the challenge of creating those email, but not everyone will. The point is to watch those assumptions. Lot of people probably love the feature. So YOU DID NOT LET ME DOWN!


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