How to Boost Your Traffic Exchange Income by Investing in Kore4

Back before Nerd Surf, and even before Click Track Profit, four traffic exchanges made up the core of TimTech when it first formed. You know them, StartXchange, I Love Hits, Thumbvu, and Sweeva.  Since then the TimTech team added in a suite of toolkit ever green products together to enhance and maximize your surfing experience and results: Click Track Profit (training), Trck,me (tracking) and Rocket Responder ( list building and contact management).

TimTech set out to do two things: Make money for the owners, Jon Olson, Tim Linden and Justin Ledvina, (though some seem to think making a profit is a crime and frown on the success of the nerds), and to help us learn to make money online too.

Along the way they revolutionized the Traffic Exchange industry and found away to make surfing fun.

Now they’ve returned to their roots to create a program designed to put money back into your pockets greater than two figures, those two figures usually proceeded by a decimal. In other words a way for you to make substantial money from Traffic Exchanges, a goal that has been illusive to say the least.

Welcome to Kore4.

Here’s how Jon put in his recent blog post:

Our strength has always been to develop the tools needed to advertise your business, yet we never had a ‘bottom of the funnel opportunity‘ in TimTech. So we created an elite tier in all our programs, bundled them up into one package, added more bonuses than we thought possible and branded it Kore4….Kore4 relates to the 4 traffic exchanges we own, and bringing it all together is of course, ClickTrackProfit.

Source: Jon Olson Hit Exchange News


The program marries together the 4 traffic exchanges, Click Track Profit, and Rocket Responder into a simple, tight income package than can put you into profit with only 3 referrals.

See the graphic illustration below.

kore4 graphic income potential


Your investment is 30 dollars a month.

Set up is simple. Once you join core 4 it will show up in your back office at Click Track Profit and look like this:



Click on the Green Kore4 Button and you will see this.



If you are a member of these Traffic Exchanges add in your username, the name you use to sign in with.

If you are not a member click the blue “join here” sign up and then up in your username. In I Love Hits your referral ID is a number don’t use that use the name you log in with.

Click save and bingo.

You will see your affiliate link and you are ready to promote.

There are tabs linking you to splash pages and squeeze pages some of them all ready branded and easy to use. If you are not using the auto-responder option don’t uses the squeeze pages (the ones with the sign up boxes).

But there is an added power here. If you can afford to get Rocket Responder, then two things happen.

  1. You get a really simple to set up, email series to send to your leads that fill out your form all done automatically. A huge time saver and stress saver if you aren’t use to using auto-responders
  2. You start to build a list!

Now you know I don’t recommending jumping onto new programs but this doesn’t really qualify as a new program, its a refinement of existing programs bundled together to offer you a far greater chance to make some real money on line.

The program doesn’t guarantee your success, only you can do that, but it does give you the tools, if you use them to make this work for you.

Jon summed it up like this:

There is a huge opportunity here, as we bring back the money making side to traffic exchanges. For people to build a serious residual income from this new endeavor today and for the future.

Source: Jon Olson Hit Exchange News


I highly recommend this program and I offer my help if you run into snags or if you have problems. My Skype is nearly always open so you can Skype me at nicknick90 or connect with me at Click Track Profit my user name is ngrimshawe . Just message me. I ‘d love to hear from you.



Kore 4 and Commissions

Editors note: The following is an update from Tim Tech on the way commissions will be shared or paid out. I’ve added my comments to this below the text. This is a very exciting refinement of Kore 4


We’re excited to announce a new system for Kore4 commissions. This new way of processing commissions should make life happier for everyone. Here’s how it works:

If you are a Kore4 member and you promote Kore4 to someone who is already a member of ClickTrackProfit, you’ll split the commissions with their CTP upline.

Bonus: If their upline isn’t Kore4, or they have no upline, then you’ll get the entire commissions on their Kore4 upgrade.

For this to apply they *must* sign up through Kore4 using your Kore4 link. If they sign up to Kore4 within CTP all of the commissions will go to their upline.

Source: Tim Tech

Before this announcement who received the commission was problematic and a little confusing leading to instances where a commission could be directed toward an inactive upline, rewarding them for doing nothing. This new method is fair and makes perfect sense.



PS Here is another post about Kore 4 I love for expressing how simple it is to do:



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